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The Cost of Convenience: What do you pay per cup?

Posted: 10/22/12

Some might balk at the price of a super-automatic machine, but, think of it this way, you’re only going to be buying the machine once, but you’ll need to keep buying coffee month after month. If you look at espresso machines like cars, parallels can be drawn in the overall cost of your investment. A fuel efficient car will save you money in the long run by cutting down on gas costs. In the realm of espresso machines, when comparing Single-Serve and Super-Automatic machines on a price per cup basis, you might be surprised just how much a cup a day is costing you.


Super-automatic Espresso Machines

Super-automatic espresso machines

Super-automatics can brew can brew a variety of whole bean and pre-ground coffees. With hundreds of coffee manufacturers, the possibilities are endless. For example, a 2.2lb bag of Lavazza Super Crema using 9 grams of coffee per shot will cost about $.19 a cup--not bad at all.


Nespresso logo

Capsule aficionados will be spending about $1.29 a cup if they’ve got a Nespresso machine. You'll need to join their club to have access to purchasing capsules. They're not easily available at other retailers and stores.


Starbucks LogoStarbucks Verismo

If you're thinking about purchasing one of Starbucks’ new Verismo machines you’ll be looking at about $1.00 a cup. To make a cappuccino, you'll need two capsules--one for the espresso and one for the (powdered) milk.


Illy logoFrancis Francis! X1

It'll be about $0.81 per cup, if you've got a Francis Francis! iperEspresso machine. Each capsule comes individually wrapped and contains approximately 7 grams of 100% Arabica coffee, perfectly roasted, ground and tamped.


Tassimo logo

Tassimo T-Discs have varying prices, but if you’re shopping for espresso you can expect to spend about $0.69 a cup as well. To get a cappuccino or latte, you will need to use two T-discs.



Keurig logo

Members of the Keurig camp can expect to pay roughly $0.69 per cup, K-Cup to be precise. If you have a Keurig, you will only be making drip coffee, tea and hot chocolate. No lattes or cappuccinos found here.

So if at this point you’re like “stop, break it down... for me price by price,” then check out our nifty chart below.