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Expobar Brewtus III

Posted: 09/22/09

Expobar Brewtus III-RThe Expobar Brewtus III has been gracing the Whole Latte Love kitchen counter for almost a year now. I, personally, can’t imagine a better coffee companion for our office. Not only is this machine pleasing to the eye with its sleek, stainless-steel construction, The Brewtus III is also rock solid—a good thing considering the amount of use it sees on a daily basis. Whole Latte Love considers the Brewtus III to be a Prosumer machine, which means it has commercial-grade parts and is capable of being used in small-office environments. (Prosumer machines can be used in small commercial settings without voiding your warranty!)

Boy, do we put this unit through the ringer, everything from training new hires to pouring lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, Americanos (and more!) for a very finicky staff. The Brewtus III really delivers, brewing, steaming, frothing, and dispensing water like a champ—satisfying even the most particular Whole Latte Love staffer.

PID DisplayExpobar’s near obsession with heat stability pays off with the Brewtus III, its programmable temperature control is a big hit at our office. We subscribe to the theory that variety is the spice of life and therefore alternate between light, medium, and dark roasts on a fairly regular basis. The nice thing about this machine is that the temperature can be adjusted up or down, using the PID temperature controller designed exclusively for the Brewtus III, to accommodate any roast. Adjustable temps help create the perfect brewing environment for maximum flavor extraction, so we can switch up our beans without worry.

E1 Brew Group

Another favorite is the E1 brew group, made of chrome-plated brass; it leads the industry in terms of heat retention. The unique thing about the E1 is what we like to call a “thermal siphon,” that continuously distributes hot water from the boiler to the brew group, ensuring that it remains hot throughout the day.

For those days when the entire office seems to be lining up for coffee, the Brewtus III comes equipped with dual boilers—making it possible for one person to brew, while another is steams or froths. This feature definitely goes a long way in preventing a rush-hour coffee backlog!

Double BoilersAnd, of course, our commercial division wouldn’t be happy with just any regular, old coffee maker. But, even these folks have to tip their hats to the Brewtus III, with its prosumer functionalities and commercial components. Unlike most heat-exchanger machines, the Brewtus III has two boilers—allowing for autonomous control of brew temps and steam pressure. The machine also has a unique way of directing water into the boiler. Water is pre-heated by the heat exchanger in the steam boiler before it is drawn into the core of the brew boiler; this prevents cold water from ever being introduced during the brewing process and helps to prevent temperature variations. This Expobar model also comes with a commercial-grade rotary pump, brew group, and electronic boiler refill control.



Naked PortafilterIn choosing the Brewtus III, we also kept the tech guys content. They are especially fond of the model’s ULKA vibration pump, which has an air remover that gets rid of any air locks in the pump—preventing the majority of problems associated with primping the pump. The machine’s Over Pressure Valve (OPV) is also a hit; this feature acts as a safety valve, releasing boiler pressure and it also adjusts brew pressure!

As far as I’m concerned, the greatest thing about the Brewtus III is its straightforward design. This machine couldn’t be easier to use! Even coffee-novices can make a great-tasting beverage without going through a complicated process. What more could you ask for?