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Expobar Brewtus III-R & III-V

Posted: 01/20/09

Expobar Brewtus III Brew GroupBrew temperature is one of the most critical variables that can affect the outcome of your espresso! Whether you're brewing a single origin coffee, an exotic blend, dark roast, light roast or anything in between, your coffee will taste best when brewed at the proper temperature— which is one of the primary reasons we worked with Expobar in developing the Brewtus III-R (Rotary Pump) and Brewtus III-V (Vibration Pump).

The primary focus of the Brewtus III is temperature stability— obtaining and maintaining the optimal brew temperature throughout the brewing process. Think of this scenario: you purchase a medium roast espresso blend you heard is fantastic. Only you don't find the flavor to be nearly as good as you expected. If you have a Brewtus III, you can adjust your temperature up or down by 1° F until you find that sweet spot that makes the flavors come alive.

The Brewtus III has two boilers, one for brewing and one for steaming. bottomless portafilterThe temperature in the brew boiler is controlled by a high tech PID control system and the steam boiler is controlled with a pressure stat. The Brewtus III-V has a vibration pump and a reservoir. The Brewtus III-R has a commercial rotary pump that is whisper quiet and is designed to hook up to a water line and a drain line. If a water line is not available, the water intake line can also draw from a water jug.

The Brewtus III comes with an inner and an outer cardboard box with air pillows in between them and foam around the machine. (Let's just say they travel very nicely). The machine is very heavy so we have included instructions in the user's manual on how to unpack the machine, which weighs approximately 62 lbs.

Once you have the Brewtus III unpacked and ready to go, initial start-up is very easy. Everything you need to know is included in the machine instructions, including installation, quick start, brewing, advanced brewing, frothing techniques, specialty coffee recipes, trouble shooting guide and more.

meterPID Temperature Control

The PID temperature controller was designed specifically for the Brewtus III by Gicar— the leading manufacturer of controls for commercial espresso machines. It is located on the left side of the brew group and has one three-digit display and two buttons. The button on the left is used to lower the brew temperature; the one on the right is used to raise the brew temperature. They are also used to change the programming of the PID (more on that in your instruction manual). The beauty of the PID temperature control is that you can adjust the brew boiler temperature up or down by 1° F to fit the coffee that you are brewing, and that temperature is maintained as stable and accurate as possible. If you are unsure of what temperature to use, you can either ask the roaster for recommendations, or you can try different temperatures yourself to find the optimal one. To prevent overheating and other temperature variations, the PID controller sends pulses of electricity to the heating element that works to maintain the water temperature and reduce temperature fluctuation during the brewing process.

E61 Commercial Brew Group

With the Brewtus III's focus being on temperature stability, it makes sense for the machine to feature the industry's best— the E61 brew group. Made of solid chrome-plated brass, the E61 retains its heat and delivers a consistent brew temperature. Brew GroupThe E61 has a "thermal siphon" that constantly circulates hot water from the brew boiler though the brew group to keep it hot.There are two copper tubes, one at the top of the boiler and one at the bottom that run directly to the back of the E61 brew group. Expobar uses large diameter tubing to create a good flow of hot water which keeps the brew group nice and hot.

Locking into the group head is a heavy chrome-plated brass 58mm portafilter. The Brewtus III comes with two filter baskets – a single shot and a double shot. You can also order a special filter basket designed for pods.

Unique Lever Control w/ 3-Way Valve

You will notice that there is a lever on the right side of the brew group. This lever controls the brewing process and the 3-way valve. Raise the lever up and a cam located on the back of the lever hits a switch that starts the pump for brewing. It also opens a valve inside the brew group that allows water to flow over the coffee.

Lower the lever all the way down when you are finished brewing to turn off the pump. This also closes the valve in the brew group that allows water to flow over the coffee and opens a valve that relieves the water pressure from the coffee. This process dries out the coffee to prevent dripping and makes it easier to knock the coffee puck out of the portafilter. Because the 3-way valve is a non-electric manual valve it is very reliable.

BoilersCommercial Design Double Boiler System Construction

Most prosumer machines are heat exchanger machines that, like the Brewtus III, can brew and steam at the same time. The difference with the Brewtus III is that with its two boilers, the brew temperature and the steam pressure can be independently controlled. This does two things: one, it allows you to change brew temperatures to match your coffee and your taste. Two, it allows you to run a higher steam pressure for better frothing. Another innovative design that helps with temperature stability is how the water entering the brew boiler is directed through a "dip tube" to the middle of the brew boiler. The water is pre heated at this point by the heat exchanger in the steam boiler. This prevents cold water from entering the brew boiler during brewing, which causes temperature variations. The Brewtus III's 1.7 liter brew boiler is the largest in its class— which is also great for temperature stability. The greater the water mass, the less other factors affect the temperature. The boilers have a high-quality foil-faced foam insulation and each boiler is rated at 1250-watts (@125 V) with each boiler operating separately.

gaugesSteam Pressure Controller and Two Pressure Gauges

The steam boiler temperature and pressure is controlled through a pressure controller. It senses the pressure in the boiler and turns on the heating element in the boiler as the pressure drops. The steam pressure is preset to operate between 1.25 and 1.4. You can monitor the steam pressure via the gauge on the front of the machine. The red indicator light will go on when steam boiler is energized. You can also monitor the brew pressure with the brew pressure gauge. The brew pressure is preset to run at between 8 and 9 bar, which is the same pressure as the commercial machines. The brew pressures are adjustable, but before you make any adjustments, it is important to understand how the size of the grind and your shot timing affects the pressure. Call us at 888-411-5282 for any questions.

Electronic Controls

The "Electronic Boiler Refill Control" —the brain of the machine—uses a probe mounted inside the steam boiler. The probe senses the water level in the steam boiler and turns on the pump to fill it when needed.

Progressive Coffee Infusion

The brewing system provides a smooth delivery of pressure to the coffee. This makes it possible to perform what is the equivalent to pre-infusion, which is a moistening of the grinds before the full force of water comes through. This is important because it prevents the water from "channeling" through the grinds, and therefore not getting the maximum flavor and aroma.

Steam WandNo Burn Steam Wand with New Steam Tip

On the left side of the machine is the No-Burn steam wand, which you can move without burning yourself. It is placed on the machine high enough so that you can fit a large pitcher under it. On the right side is a hot water wand for dispensing hot water. Both wands are on ball joints so they can rotate in any direction and are controlled by the star-shaped knobs that are just above them. The Brewtus-III- R and V also feature a new angled, straight sided steam tip that is perfectly designed to allow maximum control when steaming and frothing. You can easily control how much air is injected into the milk, which can reduce unwanted large air bubbles, therefore producing higher quality microfoam.

Low Water Cut Off

The Brewtus III-V has a low water sensor mounted under the water reservoir. It operates similar to a scale. If it notices the reservoir feels too light, it will turn off all power to the boiler because that means the water level is too low.

pump on rubber mountsRotary Pump

The Expobar Brewtus III-R has a commercial rotary pump that has rubber mounts which make it run whisper quiet. It is designed to be run to a water line. We recommend that you have between 5 and 50 PSI of pressure, so you may need a pressure reducer. The stainless steel water intake line can also be dropped into a water jug if it is more convenient for you. Just be careful not to let the water run out, as running the pump dry will damage it. This machine is designed to be used with a drain line, but if you do not want to use a drain line, we can include a standard drip tray that does need a drain line.

Vibration Pump, New OPV and Adjustable Brew Pressure

Brewtus III-V uses a high quality ULKA vibration pump that has a brass outlet tube for durability. On the outlet of the pump is an Air Remover that removes any air locks from the pump to prevent any issues with priming the pump. Expobar has a brand new "OPV" (over pressure valve) that is also mounted on the pump. The OPV has two functions: one, it acts as a safety valve to release pressure if the boiler overheats. Two, it can be used to adjust the brew pressure. You can tell which the new one is because it has the Expobar in the brass casting. The beauty of this OPV over other valves is that the spring tension has been calibrated perfectly for the Expobar machines. Also, and most importantly, is its durability. The rubber valve seat is small, so that it can do an amazing job of keeping the brew pressure constant and predictable. The brew pressure is adjustable through a hole in the housing just behind the drip tray.
Vibration Pump & OPV

Safety's and Valves

The Brewtus III machines have all the safety and control valves that you will want. Each boiler has a manual reset thermal shut off. If one of the boilers overheats, the boiler will shut down, thus preventing damage. Located on top of the steam boiler is a high pressure relief valve to prevent excess pressure from building up, as in the case of a heater malfunction. Also located on top of the steam boiler is a Vacuum relief valve which will allow pressure build-up to escape from the boiler during the initial heat up.

Durability and Style

The Brewtus IIIs are handsome machines, with traditional styling. These are no lightweight plastic machines, weighing in at a walloping 62 pounds each! Shiny and sleek, they're traditional in design and housed in heavy gauge stainless steel, not the light gauge used by other brands. exteriorThe cup warmer, drip tray and drip tray cover are also stainless steel. Serious espresso connoisseurs will appreciate the attention to details, commercial quality and functionality of the Brewtus IIIs, while the everyday coffee lovers will appreciate the final results. Combine the Brewtus III's brew quality with the convenience of being able to brew and steam at the same time, and you'll soon be able to give almost any local coffee shop a run for their money.