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Capresso Impressa F8

Posted: 03/21/07

Capresso F8

Ask anyone, even Jeeves, about why Jura Capresso machines are considered a must-have in certain social circles. The answer is always the same. It’s because Jura Capresso has proven to the Swiss and now the world, that they’re among the best in the industry. Jura Capresso has worked tirelessly to build upon a name that is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Consider it the Mercedes-Benz of espresso machines.

But for those truly in the know, it’s not just about the name or the association. It’s about what’s behind the name. It’s what makes a Jura Capresso, a Jura Capresso.

Like many other Jura super automatic espresso machines, the Impressa F8 has a long list of features – a convenient bypass doser, six adjustable grind settings, variable strength and temperature settings, a two-step pre-infusion system, a stainless steel-lined thermoblock boiler and the FrothXpress attachment which provides you with an alternative method for steaming milk to make cappuccinos and café lattes.


Extravagant Features

Over the years we’ve grown to love Jura Capresso machines here at Whole Latte Love. Largely in part because of their stylish good looks, but also because they seem to run seamlessly each and every time we’ve tested them. The Impressa F8 is no different, because like other Jura Capresso machines, the F8 has a lot of features that make programming and brewing delicious espresso virtually hassle-free.

Brewing on the F8Immediately after you take the Impressa F8 out of the box, you’ll want to start programming it and make the cappuccinos and café lattes you’ve been dreaming about – and you can, because the Impressa F8 is extremely easy to program. Once you plug it in, the red LED display panel will guide you through all of the machine’s features while it warms up, including the seven language settings, coffee strength and volume, two temperature settings, the energy saving feature as well as the cleaning options and water hardness settings.

One feature you don’t want to overlook on the Impressa F8 is the bypass doser, which allows you to use pre-ground coffee instead of the whole beans that are already in the 8 oz bean hopper. I’ve found this feature to be absolutely priceless, because there is always someone who wants to have coffee, but will only drink decaffeinated.

The Impressa F8 also features a professional grade, solid steel burr grinder that has six settings. The grinder adjustment is located within the bean hopper on the left side of the machine. The water reservoir, which is cleverly concealed like the bean hopper, holds 64 oz of water and is located on the back left of the machine. The reservoir is made of smoked plastic that allows you to visually monitor the water lever, but in addition, the F8 automatically notifies you when water or coffee beans run low.

Boundless Brewing

Directly below the LED digital display are six push buttons, each of them clearly marked with a symbol for each function. If you’re a lot like me, and don’t look at the manual until there’s a problem, you’ll still be able to figure out what these buttons do because they’re so clearly marked.

The two center buttons are for brewing and are marked with one and two cup symbols. They are pre-set from the factory for single and double shots, and can be programmed to brew hot or extra hot as well as variable strength levels from mild to extra strong by simply turning the dial on the left. Once you’re familiar with the Impressa F8, you’ll probably want to customize these brew settings. Not that the settings from the factory aren’t good, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to tweak them just a bit.

Capresso F8 Controls

The Impressa F8 allows you to adjust the volume of espresso dispensed by simply turning the dial on the left and pressing the brew button. The F8 will automatically dispense that same amount every time, unless you turn the knob again – allowing you the ability to customize your drink each and every time you brew.

The two buttons on the immediate left of the machine operate the power and programming features. The two buttons on the immediate right of the machine control the rinse cycle and steaming features.

In addition to the buttons, there are two control knobs on the Impressa F8 that assist in programming as well as operate the steam feature. The knob located to the left of the push buttons allows you to adjust the volume of coffee from 1 oz to 8 oz, even when brewing. While the one to the right of the push buttons allow you to adjust the steam time anywhere from 3 to 120 seconds.

Frothing to Excess

Equipped with a manual and automatic frothing attachment, the Impressa F8 gives you two different ways to prepare steamed milk or froth for milk-based drinks. The Dual Frother Plus frothing wand does not deviate from other Jura Capresso super automatics. It’s located on the right of the machine and adjusts to fit a 12, 20 or 24 oz frothing pitcher.

F8 Dual Frother Plus

To begin steaming using the Dual Frother Plus steam wand, simply turn the knob and begin frothing – it’s pretty straightforward. But if you’re looking to take the guesswork out of frothing, utilize what makes the F8 the F8 and attach the FrothXpress to the frothing wand.

Simply twist off the end of the manual wand and attach the FrothXpress. Once it’s attached, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to use it. There are three clearly marked icons – cappuccino, latte and rinse.

To brew a cappuccino or latte using this system, simply move the dial on the FrothXpress so it is pointing to either the cappuccino or latte icon. The cappuccino setting will draw 20 seconds worth of milk through the hose and from any container you choose, while a café latte will draw 15 seconds of milk out of any container and add it directly into your cup. And since the spout adjusts up and down, almost any size cup or mug can be used. There is also a setting on the dial to rinse the system – simply turn the dial to the rinse icon.

And if you’re looking for plain hot water, you can always dispense it through the manual steam wand by simply pressing one of the push buttons on the front of the machine. Anyway you cut it, using either the Dual Frother Plus frothing wand or the FrothXpress feature, the Impressa F8 was designed to simplify the process of making drinks – be it café lattes or hot chocolate.

Precision Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike many other super automatic espresso machines on the market the Jura Capresso Impressa F8 utilizes the Clearyl Water Filtration System that dramatically improves the quality of your water as well as the overall taste of your espresso. The Clearyl filter removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper – all the cleverly veiled minerals often found in unfiltered tap water that are damaging to the inside of an espresso machine and would add bad flavors to your coffee.

F8 Stainless Steel Drip TrayIn addition, the F8 alerts you when the water filter needs to be replaced – usually after about 200 cups of coffee you’ll see an alert on the LED digital display. It’ll ask you to place a cleaning tablet in the bypass doser and begin a fully automated 15-minute cleaning cycle. The engineers at Jura Capresso pretty much took all of guesswork out of this as well – you don’t have to find the manual, read the manual and follow tedious steps through the cleaning process – the F8 does it all for you.

Hedonistic Delight

Whether you caught a glimpse of the Jura Capresso Impressa F8 on Extreme Home Makeover , or were simply flipping through the pages of Metropolitan Home or Coastal Living the F8 is sure to catch your eye. And, once you get past the impressive chrome finish and stainless steel drip tray, you’ll surely be captivated with its feature list. It’s no wonder you’ll always spot a Jura Capresso machine surrounded by the swankiest kitchenwares on the market.