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Ceado E7 and E10 Grinders

Posted: 11/10/10

Ceado E10 and E7 Already a respected name in over 70 different countries around the world, Ceado has officially entered the US market, bringing its visionary designs and innovative technology stateside. If you're a business or discerning home user, Ceado's line of professional grade grinders is worth a look.

There are a number of technical and design elements, as well as highlights that make these grinders unique. First and foremost, Ceado is the only grinder to earn NSF approval in the US. For those in the food and beverage business, NSF International certification is important, as it guarantees that the equipment has met stringent food safety standards. Not only NSF-approved, Ceado grinders are also UL and ETL certified; the company has been inspected, thoroughly vetted and the products have been designed to meet all sanitation and safety regulations. Even if you're considering a Ceado unit for home and not commercial use, these certifications mean that you can introduce the grinder into your kitchen with peace of mind.

Designed With Forethought
Full PortafilterThe Ceado grinders are exceedingly quiet. All of the models, including the E10 and E7, have thermo-elastomer sound-proofing features and mechanically suspended motors to allow them to operate with 30% less noise output than most of their competitors. The motor, itself, has also been mounted using unique specifications to guard against thermo expansion and keep the burrs at the appropriate distance for the grind setting chosen by the user. Ceado only tolerates up to a 1/100mm differential, compared to their competitors, most of which accept up to 3-5 times this amount. What this means, at the practical level, is that you'll end up with more consistent coffee, with the proper grind fineness for the setting you've chosen.

Along with their attention to grind accuracy, these grinders have also been designed to be exceedingly user friendly. All units are equipped with Ceado's innovative "See and Set" System to allow you to adjust the grind using an ergonomic handle. Ceado BurrsShould you need to remove the burrs for routine cleaning and maintenance, the grinder does not need to be recalibrated once they are reattached. Burr removal is quick and easy, as the burrs are held in place by three heavy-duty screws. The system doses straight down for mess-free operation. You can adjust the doser to dispense 5.5-9 grams of coffee per pull. Every Ceado grinder has been meticulously constructed and features a heavy-duty stainless steel body as well as oversized bean hopper with a generous 3.8-pound capacity.

Recommended Use
We recommend the industry-leading Ceado E10 for high-volume establishments. If you'll be serving 100+ guests a week, this grinder will allow you to keep up without breaking a sweat. It has a 740-watt motor and large 83mm hardened steel burrs to deliver fast, consistent results. This unique grinder operates at a very low speed, 690rpm to be exact, to minimize heat transfer and maintain coffee flavor and aroma. The E10 is equipped with a cooling fan to prevent the unit from overheating during heavy use.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a professional grinder for the home or if your business experiences light-to-medium traffic, the E7 would be a great choice. It operates at 1400 rpm using a 400-watt motor. This model has slightly smaller 64mm burrs, compared to the E10's 83mm burrs, and is an excellent step up for customers who wish experience a solid professional-grade grinder. Watch All Ceado Videos By Whole Latte Love

Both the E10 and E7 are backed by three-year limited warranties on all parts as well as a lifetime warranties on the doser spring. If you want to see the Ceado grinders in action check out our videos on these top-of-the-line machines.