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The CitiZ Of Your Dreams

Posted: 01/12/10

Nespresso CitiZ in Steel GrayEvery year, millions move to "The City" in search of their dreams. From NYC to LA, London to Tokyo, those city lights have never shone brighter. Yet, when most people make the big move, space often gets left behind. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the metropolitan, the smaller the living space. With a kitchen the size of a closet, can you really have an espresso machine?

The answer is a resounding "YES," if you ask Nespresso, maker of the newly debut CitiZ. This single-serve machine features a compact design—a key consideration for space-deprived urbanites. And, refreshingly, the CitiZ doesn't look like another boring kitchen appliance. Aided by refined styling that echoes cosmopolitan architecture circa 1930 and 40—this Nespresso machine really makes a statement on the counter. The CitiZ's good looks have certainly turned some influential heads, garnering praise from British GQ Magazine,, Los Angeles Magazine, and more. The model has also developed a cult following among online coffee communities, with über-excited espresso aficionados buzzing about its debut since last year. And, unlike so many things in life, the CitiZ has really lived up to the hype.

Nespresso CitiZ in Fire Engine Red and Aeroccino PlusThis isn't another case of form over function; the espresso machine really packs a punch! The small, but mighty CitiZ uses Nespresso single-serve capsules to brew café-quality beverages on demand; even the pickiest "javanado" would be hard-pressed to find fault with the resulting espresso!

The CitiZ will allow even amateurs to pull a shot of espresso like a pro! All you have to do is place your cup under the dispenser, turn the machine on, insert a capsule and voila, fresh coffee instantly! You can choose to extract espresso or a lungo (long shot of espresso with more water) and best of all, thanks to Nespresso's capsule technology, there's no mess left behind.

Don't worry; Nespresso didn't forget about you latte, macchiato, and cappuccino lovers. The CitiZ is available with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother. Not only does the Aeroccino Plus create the perfect frothed and steamed milk for your drinks, this cool add-on can also froth cold milk for iced beverages! Curl up with a warm cappuccino in the wintertime and cool down with an ice latte in the summer; the Aerocino Plus has got you covered. With two attachments, one for steaming and one for frothing, you're guaranteed the ideal consistency for any milk-based beverage. The CitiZ and Aeroccino Plus Pack is available in your choice of white, black, or gray; this dynamic duo is equipped with a custom base to create a sleek, attractive home coffee bar.

The Nespresso CitiZ single-serve espresso machine comes in a bold fire-engine red, understated 60s white and elegant limousine black to perfectly augment any kitchen. For fuss-free, mess-free gourmet coffee and espresso, this really is the CitiZ which dreams are made of.