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Lavazza - The Italian Favorite

Posted: 04/19/10

Lavazza CoffeeWhole Latte Love always has Lavazza on hand...always. There's good reason for it. As "Italy's Favorite Coffee" and the brainchild of the late, great Luigi Lavazza this celebrated brand has done what others can only dream of: innovating while remaining true to tradition.

Lavazza coffees come from all over the world, harvested from exotic locals such as Africa, Asia, South and Central America. The company takes great care to customize its roasting process to suit the specific needs of the beans, resulting in truly refined coffee. However, a conversation about Lavazza is never complete without a discussion about the company's renowned coffee blending processes. More than a century ago, Luigi Lavazza originated the concept of "the blend"—carefully selected mixtures of different coffee varieties that create complex and satisfying taste profiles. Today, Lavazza continues to be a trailblazer with its creative 100% Arabica as well as Arabica-Robusta blends. The Lavazza 100% Arabica blends are said to be sweeter and more aromatic compared to Arabica-Robusta offerings, which yield more full-bodied, flavorful brews.

Lavazza Sampler PackRegardless of whether you brew with pods, beans, or pre-ground coffee, there's a Lavazza perfect for you. I have a soft spot for the 80/20 Arabica-Robusta Super Crema Whole Bean blend because it brews such great tasting, nice looking espressos, but the Pienaroma and Gold Selection have also built quite a cult following among the coffee faithful. The Pienaroma is a 100% Arabica coffee prized for its full-bodied aroma and silky flavor, characteristic of traditional Italian coffee. Cappuccino and latte drinkers are usually partial to Lavazza Gold Selection, a blend of Brazilian, Central American, and Asian beans that delivers a smooth, chocolaty foundation ideal for milk-based beverages. All three are available in the Lavazza Espresso Sampler Pack, you can't go wrong with this trio if you're new to Lavazza coffee.

Lavazza ground coffee also has quite the reputation. Very highly rated by Whole Latte Love customers, they're known for brewing aromatic drinks. In fact, because of its consistent grind and undeniable quality, Lavazza in Blu is the only pre-ground espresso recommend for use in a commercial portafilter.

Lavazza Pods and CapsulesOf course, if you're the type to brew and go, Lavazza also makes convenient pods, capsules and cartridges. But, keep in mind the cartridges and capsules are only compatible with Lavazza espresso machines, the Blue and Espresso Point respectively. The pods are ESE compatible, so you have a little bit more leeway with them.

Regardless of what you're into, be sure to give Lavazza coffee a try; they're the Italian favorite for a reason.