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DeLonghi - Tasteful Espresso

Posted: 03/23/10

Interior design is one of my many obsessions. Modern aesthetics are my weakness; drop me off at an Ikea or CB2 and I may never re-emerge. It follows that my design fixation should lead me straight to Delonghi....

With their eye-catching exteriors, Delonghi machines are ideal for the bold at heart. From the fiery red Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima 660.R to the lovely Perfectas, which were recently decorated by leading artists and designers for the Artista Series charity auction, every model has its own unique style to suit the discerning espresso lover.

Known for its super-automatic espresso machines, Delonghi also offers a wide range of coffee makers and semi automatics to cater to every need. With price tags ranging from $49.95 to $2999.95, there's a Delonghi to suit any budget. Now that spring in the air, it's time to take another look at one of Whole Latte Love's best-selling brands! You're sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Gran Dama 6700Super-Automatic Spotlight: Gran Dama 6700
With a stainless-steel body, innovative touch panel technology, and a long list of high-end features the Gran Dama 6700 is one of Whole Latte Love's most well-equipped super-automatic espresso machines. This brewing machine has an integrated burr grinder and double stainless steel boilers to deliver fresh, fast, and temperature-consistent beverages with its Direct-to-Brew System. An upgrade from its predecessor, the Gran Dama 6600, the 6700 has a lungo option that makes a long espresso ideal for those early mornings when you need that extra boost. If you're the type that enjoys variety, this super-automatic machine won't disappoint. It has four dedicated drink options for café lattes, cappuccinos, milk, and authentic latte macchiato. You can also customize your drinks, with five beverage strength, three brew temperature, and four drink-size settings!

For latte lovers, like me, the Automated Frothing and Steaming System is a lifesaver. With just the push of a button, the 6700 steams and froths milk directly into your cup. The 25oz container can be removed and placed in the fridge right afterwards to help keep your milk fresh. Clean up is even hassle-free, as the system sterilizes the tubes and container lids automatically.

“The DeLonghi super automatics all maintain their design and manufacture in Italy. Each machine goes through an extensive quality control process; handmade by a series of Artisans and tested 20 times before it can leave the factory to be sold," says Delonghi Representative Karen Anslinger. So, no matter which Delonghi model you end up with, whether it is the Magnifica, Perfecta, or Gran Dama, you can rest assured knowing that your machine was manufactured with care.

EC702Semi-Automatic Highlights: Esclusivo EC702
One of our most affordable semi-automatic espresso machines, the Delonghi Esclusivo EC702 still has most of the bells and whistles. This model can adapt to accommodate both grounds and ESE pods, thanks to a Dual Function Filter Holder. If I'm in the mood for freshly ground coffee, I just pop the Sempre Crema Filter into place and proceed as usual. However, if I don't want to bother with coffee grounds, the ESE Filter lets me brew with a mess-free pod.

The nice thing about the EC702 is the fact water and steam temps are controlled by two separate thermostats. You'll be able to extract espresso and steam milk at the ideal temperature for both. The Exclusivo EC702 is a user-friendly machine that will leave you looking forward to every espresso.

Lattissima EN680.MSingle-Serve Machines
If you're the kind of person who likes to make a strong statement, the Lattissima line may just be the ticket. Both the 660.R and the EN680.M will allow you to use Nespresso capsules to brew your favorite beverages. Not just pretty appliances, these machines come with a variety of programmable drink-volume options to deliver customized beverages right into your mug.

Like your milk-based beverages? Take an extra-hard look at the EN680.M; its removable milk system can be stored in the fridge to keep your milk from spoiling. This single-serve machine is perfect for the coffee lover on the go.

Caffe NeroCombination Machines: Caffe Nero
These all-in-one Delonghi machines can brew espresso and coffee simultaneously thanks to their separate heating elements and water reservoirs. The most popular choice for coffee and espresso lovers, the Caffe Nero can also steam/froth milk and dispense water using an integrated steam wand. The drip coffee maker half of the machine can also be programmed to brew fresh java first thing in the morning. The Caffe Nero is also ESE pod compatible, making it a well-rounded machine. You'll always get great tasting beverages with a Delonghi combination machine, no matter what.

"We have designed a patented flavor savor brewing system that thoroughly saturates and steeps coffee grounds so you'll get the most out of your coffee: full, robust flavor every time you brew," says Anslinger. The Caffe Nero also has a unique Cappuccino System Frother that infuses steam and milk in a special chamber to deliver rich, creamy froth.

A combination machine, such as the Caffe Nero, is great for diverse environments; if you have a household that is split between coffee and espresso drinkers, why not cater to both with one machine?

DC514TCoffee Makers
The Delonghi DC514T offers a simple and convenient way to prepare a cup of Joe. With its long list of features, this model is a great value. Take advantage of the 24-hour programmable timer and wake up to fresh coffee every morning and use the dedicated aroma button if you're brewing only a few cups for full-flavored java. “To achieve this full-bodied flavor, the coffee maker advances through several continuous cycles. During the cycles, water is released into the filter basket in 30-second intervals. This special time-released process saturates grounds a little at a time to extract the best flavor and aroma from the coffee," explains Anslinger.

The DC514T comes with a permanent GoldTone filter and integrated water system that rids tap water of chlorine, odors, and flavors. Check out the DC514T or its sister machine, the DCF212T, if you're looking for a hassle-free coffee solution.