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Jura-Capresso Impressa ENA5 Makes the Grade

Posted: 08/20/07

Jura-Capresso Impressa ENA5 in Blossom WhiteTalk about making a few changes! That’s what my parents, the epitome of empty nesters, have been doing over the past few months. Out with the old and in with the new! That’s their motto – espresso machine included.

Not that there was anything wrong with their old super-automatic, it was fully programmable, brewed and steamed like a charm, but some things just need updating. So when I told them about the new Jura-Capresso Impressa ENA5 we’d just gotten in, they were eager to demo it and see if the bold new look and slim design would help complete the Ikea-esque condo they were building.

When I brought the new machine back home, they were excited to hear that it came in a variety of colors--black, white and red-- all with stainless-steel accents. More than that, they were excited to see that they’d no longer need to use the steam wand and frothing pitcher all the time, because the ENA5 comes with the Dual Frother Plus, and the frothXpress system, which automatically steams and froths milk directly into the cup. Finally, my Dad could make the cappuccinos for all of us!

ENA5 displayIn addition to their excitement about the color selection, they were thrilled the engineers at Jura-Capresso trimmed this machine down-- so it would take up way less counter space than their old machine. The footprint on the ENA5 measures 14H”x9W”x17L” and weighs a modest 20 lbs, which is a bonus because counter space in their condo is at a premium.

Even though the Impressa ENA5’s size is scaled back, nothing else on this machine seems to be. The ENA5, while slim, still features 18 bars of pressure that Jura-Capresso machines are known for, as well as world-class programmable brewing features.

The Jura-Capresso ENA5’s three-color LCD alphanumeric display allows you to easily scroll through your brewing options, brewing one or two cups at a time, as well as increasing or decreasing the strength or volume of coffee. And the very simplistic rotary dial allows ENA5 optionsyou to temporarily override any of the programming to prepare a stronger or weaker brew. All of these features were pretty much must haves for my parents, because again, they weren’t brewing and steaming with the bottom of the barrel before.

What did seem to set this Jura-Capresso apart from others they’d seen at this price range was the fact the ENA5 has a bypass doser. Like most bypass dosers, the ENA5 allows you to add pre-ground coffee instead of using the beans already in the hopper-- which, if you’re like my parents, and very particular about drinking regular or decaffeinated coffee at certain times of day, is absolutely essential.

Another real bonus we noticed was the patent-pending Zero Energy Button and Energy Standby mode, which saves energy like you wouldn’t believe. God forbid you build an Energy Star house and add something that isn’t pulling its own weight!

Incidentally, when we finished up with the demo, my mother called customer service and opted to pre-order the Blossom White. You might say the ENA5 really ties the room together, but don't tell that to the white shag rug.