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Gaggia Coffee - Steeped In Tradition

Posted: 06/21/10

Gaggia CoffeesKnown for pioneering the development of the modern espresso machine, Gaggia also provides premium coffee to countless countries around the world. Harvested from prestigious and exotic locales across the continents, Gaggia coffee blends Central and South American beans with prized Indian Arabica to create quality espressos.

Looking for a balanced, somewhat delicate brew? Try Gaggia 100% Arabica, available as ground, whole bean, or ESE pods. A careful mixture of Middle and South American coffees, Gaggia 100% Arabica is renowned for its smooth, creamy flavor—perfectly suited for authentic Italian coffee and espresso.

If you enjoy a more complex blend, consider Gaggia Intenso, also available as whole bean, ground, or ESE pods. Made from Central and South American Arabica and Monsooned Indian Robusta, Intenso is a bright, full-bodied coffee that is popular with coffee and espresso drinkers alike.

Of course, there's nothing like decaf if you're into late afternoon or evening drinks. Gaggia caters to those who desire less caffeine, without sacrificing flavors and aromas, with its Decaffeinated Espresso. This smooth blend is available as pre-ground coffee or convenient ESE pods.

Next time you're in the mood for a fine coffee, why not try a blend from one of Italy's pre-eminent espresso leaders? A Gaggia coffee may be just what you're looking for.