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Gaggia Espresso - Coffee With Style and Flair

Posted: 06/22/09

I've never been one to engage in debates over the merits of form over function or vice-versa. Call me spoiled, I want it all. As most coffee lovers will tell you, almost nothing beats a Gaggia when it comes to delivering a thick, rich crema, the hallmark of a good shot of espresso. But, as I recently found out, this Italian brand is no slouch in the design department either! With its latest models, Pure, Dose, and Color, looks and performance have come together to give home baristas a great set of machines to drool over. And, here's the kicker, all three models are available at very reasonable price points, ranging from $199-$349 here at Whole Latte Love.

Gaggia Espresso PureGaggia Espresso Pure
We recently ran a contest on Whole Latte Love's facebook page asking fans if they could name an espresso machine just by looking at a small crop of the product photo. The Gaggia Pure was nominated by staffers as the best candidate for the challenge.

When I saw the close-up crop photo our graphic designer posted for the competition, my jaw dropped. It basically consisted of half a knob, a light, and a button. "There's no way anyone would be able to tell what this is, much less name a make and model," I remember thinking to myself and prepared to listen to the sound of virtual crickets on take over our page. Believe it or not, the comments lit up like the fourth of July! Within 5 minutes, a fan had already figured out the answer and a chorus followed confirming that it was, indeed, the Gaggia Pure. I'd later come to find out that the unmistakable, classic styling of the Gaggia Pure was part and parcel of what made the machine so celebrated in espresso community. Had I thought about it, I would have realized that the Pure's inauspicious construction, consisting of chic black and stainless steel accents, would be appreciated by many.

Facebook trivia - Espresso Pure photoWhile the Pure is an entry-level Gaggia, its straightforward interface still boasts of some pretty high-end options. For starters, the build is top notch, commercial quality; this baby will have no trouble brewing and frothing with the best of them. You'll be able to alternate between pods and ground coffee with the Pure, and of course, the envy-inducing Gaggia brewing components come standard. If you ask me, the Pure is a homerun for someone who appreciates a timeless espresso machine.

Gaggia Espresso ColorGaggia Espresso Color
With its eye popping red shade, the Gaggia Color is the espresso machine equivalent of a performance convertible. This isn't your grandma's coffeemaker; the fun, flirty Color is meant to be the centerpiece of an enthusiast's kitchen. Like the Pure, the Color is a lean, mean brewing machine. Commercial components? Check. Stainless steel boiler? Check. Built-in cup warmer and Gaggia's renown brew group? Check and checkmate. I've got to say, the Color definitely gets my vote for a gorgeous conversation piece that has the impressive performance to back up its Gaggia given good looks.



Gaggia Espresso DoseGaggia Espresso Dose
Aptly named, the Gaggia Dose sets itself apart by letting users adjust the water dosage of their espresso, alternating between one and two cups with remarkable ease. The unique, programmable water dosage feature lets users manually customize the espresso dispensing process. All you have to do is press and hold the dispensing button until you have the desired amount of espresso. Those who enjoy a more interactive espresso making process are likely to prefer the Dose over Gaggia's Pure and Color models. As with other Gaggia modes, the Dose comes with a Pannarello frothing wand, ideal for cappuccinos and lattes. With the Dose, users get all the working features of the Pure and Color encased in an attractive warm silver ABS exterior. This is the ideal machine for home consumer wishing to impress.

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