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Handpresso Wild: Ideal For Your Walk in the Woods

Posted: 06/20/08


Into the outdoors? Into espresso? If you answered yes, then this hand-held espresso machine was made for you. Handpresso Wild provides great tasting espresso when size and portability are an issue. Its lightweight, slim design makes it ideal if you're packing for a 21-mile hike or a 2,100-mile hike. Just ask a hiker what they're looking for when they're packing, and they'll answer – lightweight, durable products that'll stand up to whatever the trail has in store.

And I'm not just saying all this, I tried Handpresso Wild out for myself the other night, and it was as practical as advertised – and it made pretty good espresso.

HandpressoWhen you take hold of the Handpresso Wild, you'll immediately feel at ease with its design. It's very similar to a small air pump you'd use to put air in your bike tires – and similar technology as well.

Once you pump Handpresso Wild to 16 bars of pressure, fill the chamber with boiling water. Pop in an ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) approved pod, turn the cap into the locked position and depress the thumb button. Espresso will pour out of the bottom of Handpresso.

Now in all honesty, it took me three times to get the process down. My first attempt at brewing with Handpresso Wild resulted in espresso all over the kitchen floor. I wasn't anticipating where the espresso would actually flow out of. The second time I pinched Handpresso and accessoriesmy finger on the pump (it was slippery because of the spilled espresso.) The third time though, I mastered the process and pumped to perfection a little demitasse of steamy hot, fresh brewed espresso.

This machine requires little maintenance, just rinse it under warm water and allow to air dry. What I would recommend if you are going to take this on the trail, on the road or on the water is the padded carrying case. It protects the chamber, as well as the mechanics of the pump – plus it has a long strap so you can throw it right over your shoulder or right in your luggage.

The question remains: If Bill Bryson hits the Appalachian Trail again, would he bring his bumbling friend Katz or Handpresso Wild?