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Espresso Champs—Jura Impressa C5, Gaggia Baby Twin, and Baratza Vario

Posted: 02/24/10

As Team USA goes for the gold at the Vancouver Olympics, the world is treated a field of leading athletes with diverse strengths and talents. Not unlike the Olympians, our machines each offer something unique, holding their own based on rather impressive merits.

 Jura Impressa C5

The All-Around Athlete

The Jura Impressa C5 has got the whole package; an automatic coffee center, this machine would be one of the rare athletes capable of competing for medals in multiple events. With automated grinding, tamping, frothing, and steaming capabilities, the C5 can deliver world class beverages in record breaking time. In less than 60 seconds, you can complete the process from tamping to cleaning.

Not just a speed demon, the well-rounded Impressa C5 also has a host of high-end features, giving it the flexibility to adapt to different user preferences. Take advantage of the bypass doser by using pre-ground coffee or grind your own beans with the commercial-grade conical burr grinder—offering six distinct grind fineness settings. Once you’ve got the perfect grounds, prepare to be impressed by the C9’s brewing capabilities. With a powerful 18-bar pump and Thermoblock Heating System, this unit has the chops to deliver great tasting espresso, made even better by Jura’s gentle pre-infusion process, the Two-Step Aroma System. The C9’s steaming and function features are also up to par, thanks to an advanced Dual Frother System which has two settings for steaming and frothing. Like a well-trained athlete, the Jura Impressa C9 never misses a beat, from a single ristretto to a full cup of coffee this unit can deliver it all.

Gaggia Baby Twin

The Crowd Favorite

A favorite of semi-automatic enthusiasts, the Gaggia Baby Twin commands attention. Like all great Olympians, it has heart…But in this case, the “heart” comes in the form of double boilers, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition. While others may languish, having to warm up between brewing and steaming, the Baby Twin can alternate between the two seamlessly. Ever the consummate professional, this model has a commercial brew group and portafilter giving it the ability to make world-class espresso.

Never one to get bogged down under pressure, the Baby Twin comes equipped with a three-way solenoid valve. This unique feature allows the machine to relieve mounting pressure in the portafilter after brewing—which prevents dripping and makes it easier to discard the spent puck. Best of all, with programmable brewing controls, the Gaggia can deliver the perfect amount of coffee to suit your tastes.

Baratza Vario

The Perfectionist

Many Olympians earn their place on the podium by delivering impossibly precise performances; the Baratza Vario would be a part of this elite group. Thanks to dual-cam grind adjustments with 230 settings, the Vario grinds with accuracy, delivering grounds perfect for anything from drip coffee to Italian espresso.

Mahlkönig 54mm ceramic flat burrs give this unit the strength of an Olympian and allow it to stay cool under pressure, minimizing heat transfer. A Grind-on Demand feature allows it to deliver precisely amount of coffee requested by the user. The Vario also has a hands-free portaHolder allowing it to operate independently, just set your portafilter on the brackets and go!

Regardless of whom you’re cheering for during the Winter Games; no matter what your preferences we’ve got a winning machine that will have you grinding, brewing, and frothing like a champion.