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Rocket Espresso Evoluzione

Posted: 09/21/10

Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione and Giotto EvoluzioneIt's hard to find quality workmanship nowadays, but Milan-based Rocket Espresso delivers just that—handmade machines that look like a dream and perform even better. Armed with a mission to revive the legendary ECM home espresso machines, namely the Cellini and Giotto models, Rocket Espresso continues to innovate and build upon its rich heritage. This brings us to the company's newest debuts, the exceedingly impressive Cellini and Giotto Evoluzione.

PlumblineWater Options
Rocket Espresso considers the Evoluzione line, available in the Giotto and Cellini body styles, its most versatile range. The Evoluzione machines can be plumbed, for a professional brewing experience. If you're the type to make heavy use of your machine or if you intend to use it in an office setting, connecting to a water line may be the way to go. You won't have to worry about refilling your water tank and will always have fresh water on hand. Both the Cellini Evoluzione and Giotto Evoluzione come with 2.9-liter water reservoirs, so you also have the option of filling the machine yourself, if you prefer. There is an in-line filter that will help trap large particles, if you're drawing your water from the reservoir; otherwise you have the option of installing a water conditioning system when you plumb the machine. Evoluzione InteriorUnique to the Cellini Evoluzione and Giotto Evoluzione, a switch located behind the water reservoir, allows you to seamlessly alternate between using plumbed lines or the contents water tank to steam and brew. The Evoluzione range also comes equipped with electronic controls that monitor boiler and reservoir water levels. A light, located on the front panel of the machine will flash, should the unit need to be refilled.

Additionally, the Giotto and Cellini Evoluzione have a unique drip tray that can be plumbed, so that you never have to empty it or worry about it overflowing. To plumb, simply remove the plug, located at the base of the drip tray and connect the water line (included with the machine) into the fitting. Make sure it's secure and you're all set.

PumpUnder Pressure
Built with commercial capabilities but modified to fit the household, Evoluzione machines have rotary pumps for quiet operation. A rotary machine has a distinct advantage over vibration pump units in that it builds brew pressure quicker upon startup.The design of the pump paves the way to allow users to adjust brew pressure, which Rocket Espresso takes full advantage of by integrating a screw into the base of the Giotto and Cellini Evoluzione that will enable you to make external brew pressure adjustments. Steam pressure can be modified using a separate screw, located within the machine. Additionally, two professional grade Sirai pressure stats, mounted on the front of panel of the unit lets you easily monitor steam and brew pressure. Both the Giotto Evoluzione and Cellini Evoluzion will let you exert maximum control over brewing environment for professional results.

Pressure StatSome like it Hot
In addition to its impressive handling of brewing and steaming pressure, the Evoluzione line also meticulously guards against heat loss through sophisticated temperature controls. As with all Rocket Espresso models the Cellini Evoluzion and Giotto Evoluzione feature chrome-plated brass E61 brew groups and horizontally mounted, nickel-plated copper boilers with brass endplates. A 1200-watt heating element ensures that warm-up time is kept to a minimal and Rocket Espresso's Thermosyphon System circulates hot water throughout the entire unit to maintain optimal machine temperature. The Evoluzione line won't go cold on you; that's for sure! This heat stability is going to deliver temperature-consistent shots that rival those pulled from a commercial machine.

Thermosyphon SystemWith the Giotto Evoluzione and Cellini Evoluzione, you'll also have the option of pre-infusing your coffee to extract flavorful espresso. Simply push the handle to brew up half way if you wish to pre-infuse or lift it all the way up if you just want to extract. In addition, the unit comes with a no-burn steam wand that doubles as a hot water dispenser to allow you to create a variety of beverages from Americanos to lattes and cappuccinos. Evoluzione machines come with two portafilters, one for single-shot and the other for double-shot espresso. You'll also get a group brush, blackflush disc and coffee scoop.

Drip Tray Can Be Plumbed By Removing Plug and Connecting Drain Line To Drain PanThe Giotto Evoluzione and Cellini Evoluzione are serious espresso machines designed with the coffee enthusiasts in mind. Beneath their shiny stainless steel exteriors, lie state-of-the art technology and innovative construction that is second to none. Take a close look at an Evoluzione machine if you're ready for a prosumer espresso machine with plenty of brewing power.

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