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FrancisFrancis! X7 for ESE Pods and Ground

Posted: 10/21/09

Francis Francis X7 in Red and BlackThe FrancisFrancis line is one of my personal favorites. Perhaps it's due to my affinity for a certain Steven Spielberg movie from the early 80s—every time I look at a distinctive FrancisFrancis, I can't help but picture a loveable animatronic alien squirming in Drew Barrymore's little arms. And, like ET, the X7 for Grounds and Pods is a curious little thing.

Not just an espresso machine, this unit can also be adapted to brew pods, giving users the ultimate in choice and flexibility. For the traditionalists, the FrancisFrancis X7's ground system brews customizable espresso to meet even the most exacting specifications. Those who enjoy the convenience of single-serve espresso makers can indulge in pre-dosed and weighed ESE pods, perfectly prepared to deliver great tasting, hassle-free coffee.

Francis Francis X7 in BlackIf you ask me, the X7 is the perfect espresso machine for the coffee lover on a budget. Not only is it versatile, the X7's striking design can brighten any kitchen.  

Coffee with a Conscience
Illy, the parent company of FrancisFrancis, has a long-standing commitment to sustainable development. Everything from the company's coffee supply to its machine production process reflects the company's pledge to reduce the environmental impact—from "bean to cup." For the environmentally conscious among us, Illy and FrancisFrancis are among the greenest coffee choices available on the marketplace. So, go ahead, indulge in that cup of Joe.... It's good for you and Mother Earth!