Sprucing Up for the Holidays

by Carol Fingar

Okay, so you spent all year developing into the master barista you’ve become. You spent countless hours pulling and sampling shots of espresso until you were so wired you had to be scraped off the ceiling. You went through more milk perfecting your frothing technique than most grammar school cafeterias. You spent more time with your espresso machine than with your family. And so much time with your frothing wand, in particular, that you have legitimate concerns about carpel tunnel.

But all the sacrifice was worth it. And now you’re ready to show off your finely honed skills by throwing a little soiree. You’ve stocked up on coffees, accumulated endless bottles of flavored syrups, brought in a multitude of milk and have sent out the invites…

Whoa! Hold up! You’re not going to serve up all that liquid perfection in those cups are you?

Fear not. Whole Latte Love to the rescue. Just in time for your holiday entertaining needs, we’ve brought in a new line of fancy-schmancy cups from Classic Coffee & Tea that will be absolutely perfect for all your upcoming celebrations.

General Impressions

Gold leafing that accents a series of bright colors is the signature of this line of fine china, and will add a festive sparkle to your table. There are several styles and designs to choose from too. And even the packaging is unique. Each design comes in what resembles a yellow "hat box" - complete with braided rope handles. Lift the lid, and you will find a set of six cups nestled in white satin, with the saucers in the middle and the cups encircling them like flower petals.

It’s important for you to remember that because of the gold leaf these cups must be washed by hand and should never be put in the microwave - a small price to pay for the charm they bring to the table. But enough about the line as a whole. On to the individual sets…

All Over the Rainbow

The Rainbow set comes as either espresso cups or cappuccino cups. They feature a variety of 6 bright colored cups and matching saucers rimmed with gold leaf. Even the cup handles on these sets are rimmed with gold.

The cappuccino cups are 7 ounces and are short and wide, so as dainty as their design is, they are deceptively sturdy and stable.

The espresso cups are 2.5 ounces each, and are taller and slimmer than their cappuccino cousins. They are petite indeed, with a shape that could best be described as a graduated cylinder.

Cosmos Anyone?

The Cosmopolitan espresso cup set stands out from the other offerings in the Classic Coffee & Tea Line because of its unique geometric shape. Each 3-ounce cup is best described as a graduated rectangle with slightly softened edges. Each cup sits atop a square saucer with upturned edges. It’s a truly spectacular design that might actually steal your fine espresso’s thunder.

Stripes. They’re Not Just for Prison Anymore

The Stripes cappuccino cup set blends fancy and whimsical perfectly. Each cup has its own colored striped that runs up and down and outlined in gold. The pattern on the matching saucers is colored stripes running from the middle to the edge like rays of sunshine. These stripes are also edged in gold as is the saucer rim. The colors on this set lean a bit toward the spring pastel palette than the Rainbow sets, but are still bright and perky.

Pick a Design and Fire Up the Espresso Machine

Whether you like patterns or solids, round or square, big or small, you’re sure to find the perfect cup set among our new offerings from Classic Coffee & Tea. So pick the set that fits your personality and get ready to show off your espresso to perfection. Cheers to you and yours this holiday season.

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