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Teaposy Spotlight

Posted: 09/21/06

Teaposy Tea for MoreThere is something about watching a teaposy bloom – something mesmerizing – that is sure to leave you speechless. Is it the unique shape and color of the bloom? Or is it the beautiful fragrance that is released that leaves you spellbound? Whatever it is, once you watch one blossom, you’ll immediately realize how Teaposy is redefining the time-honored tradition of tea.

Hand-crafted from a single-origin Silver Needle Tea that is grown in China’s Fujian Province, each teaposy goes through a 20-step process that ensures its exquisite taste and unparalleled quality.

The 20-step process begins in the spring, when the Fujian Province is in full bloom and the Silver Needle White Tea is ready for harvesting. The spring and fall seasons are the best times of year for harvesting, after the tea has accumulated the most nutrition from the winter and summer months. 80% of Teaposy teas are harvested in the spring season, and the other 20% are harvested in the fall to capture the finest flavors and aromas of each leaf. Handpicked in full length from the tips of the tea bushes, the Silver Needle White Tea leaves found in the teaposies are filled with unique natural flavors.

Picking Silver Needle TeaLocal farmers harvest the outermost branches of the tea trees and strip away all of the side leaves so that only the leaf at the very tip remains. These leaves are then removed, heated and dried to eliminate impurities. Next, every tea leaf is individually sorted by Teaposy design artists and matched with other leaves of the same length. Then, each bundle of Silver Needle White Tea is hand-sewn with one of eight freshly dried, handpicked flowers to produce a variety of arrangements. Using one or two flower combinations, Teaposy artists select the best flowers to compliment the flavor characteristics of the delicate Silver Needle White Tea. Jasmine, calendula, rose, lily, amaranth, camellia, chrysanthemum and carnation are the flowers of choice, full of fascinating aromas and flavors to accentuate the tea. Once each bundle is finished, the teaposy is shaped, dried a second time and ready to be infused with the delicate aromas of the jasmine flower.

Seven of the eight patented teaposies, Butterfly, Lady Fairy, Noble Essence, Calendula, Falling Water, Heart of Love and Let it Snow, are triple infused with jasmine scent to enhance the flavors of the tea. In order to truly capture the essence of the jasmine flower, farmers must handpick each one at their peak blooming time of 1pm. This impressive harvesting process is truly a sight to see, as each farmer must work quickly but gently to inspect and pick each jasmine flower during this very brief window of time. After they’ve been picked, the jasmine rests at room temperature for about 5 hours before being mixed with the teaposies to allow them to absorb the rich jasmine aromas.

Lady Fairy Teaposy opening as hot water is added

It is only when hot water is added to a teaposy and the steeping begins that the intricate design by the artists is revealed – no two are alike. Combining the tea with different flowers creates a variety of flavors and health benefits too, so that each teaposy not only looks beautiful, but also rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Silver Needle White Tea has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any tea, with average polyphenol counts exceeding 26%. And, in the spirit of Japanese and Chinese herbal culture, each teaposy is said to have health properties, like the revitalizing amaranth flower in Butterfly, or the relaxing carnation in Red Song. Each teaposy can brew 80 oz of tea, so you can enjoy the beauty and taste over and over, and you can even place teaposies in cold water for a visually stunning display that will brighten your home.

Dedicated to the art and craft of tea, every teaposy is designed with the utmost patience and precision. Harvested with care and hand-crafted with pride, teaposies introduce a new appreciation for an ancient ritual. Combining the benefits of a timeless herbal culture with a breathtaking visual innovation, Teaposy creates a blooming tea experience you’ll never forget.