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Not Your Average Cafes....

Posted: 02/24/10

Tired of generic coffee chains with uninspired atmospheres and consistently mediocre drinks? Have we got the cure for you! From borderline inappropriate to fashionably clad and simply jaw dropping, these eccentric cafes will have you sipping your java in anything but familiar ground.

Coffee Censored ID, Please.
Surely Larry-Flynt approved Maine’s now-infamous Grand View Topless Coffee Shop has had its fair share of drama since opening in February 2009. Burnt to the ground, in an apparent case of arson a few months after setting up shop; the coffeehouse reopened for business late last year. This risqué café is one of the few places that checks IDs for coffee.
Octospider Suspension of Disbelief
Talk about fringe benefits, Satin Textiles, a company based in Thailand, treats its employees to one of the most opulent company cafeterias on either side of the hemisphere. Dubbed the Octospider, this glass structure is suspended on pillars above a picturesque lake.
Gucci Snack Sei Bellisima!
Caffé and fundamentally Italian. In a move to marry the two national passions, Gucci has gone haute caffé, opening branded coffeehouses which prepare luxury drinks and snacks for the über style conscious. Among other things, the place serves Gucci Pancakes...Yes, Gucci Pancakes.
rent-a-cat Cuddly Coffee
Doubling as a Rent-A-Cat center, the Cat Café Calico in Tokyo offers feline companion services to lonely patrons in search of a kitty cuddle. One of Calico’s house rules, never wake a napping cat. Sound advice, indeed. Commitment-free pet rentals and lattes are available seven days a week.

Tell us about the most interesting coffeehouse you’ve been to or just shout out your favorite café. Is it the décor or the espresso that keeps you coming back? Interested in more unique haunts? Check out our Illy in a Box Factoid.