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Urnex Grindz: No More Oil!

Posted: 01/12/11

oily coffee beansAt some point in our espresso and coffee grinder buying adventures, all of us have been forewarned to avoid using oily beans in our newly purchased grinders. The first question you may ask is, "How do I know if the beans I'm using are oily?"

While there technically isn't a universal scientific answer to this question, one might determine how oily a bean is simply by looking at the sheen on the beans surface. If the bean has an extremely shiny appearance, you can assume it is oily. While many espresso beans will have a glossy appearance to them, you were likely advised to avoid the extremely oily offenders—for example, one of Starbucks' dark roasts. Next time you are in a Starbucks, have a look and you will see that they are practically dripping with oil.

"But, I enjoy Starbucks," you might say. Not to fear, here enters Urnex Grindz.

Urnex Grindz is an all-natural and food-safe grinder cleaner comprised of grains, cereals and binders that are in the shape of a coffee bean. This product is great for removing oil residue and odors that are left on the burrs. As a regular course of maintenance, I use a packet of Grindz once a month; but if you are using a more oily variety of bean, like a Starbucks or Peets, it should be used on a weekly basis.

Urnex GrindzAll you have to do is run your grinder until it is empty of beans then add a packet of Urnex Grindz and activate the grind cycle. A medium grind setting works best when using this product. Once the Grindz have been ground, purge the excess product by adding a couple scoops of sacrificial coffee beans to the hopper and grinding them through.

Urnex Grindz works by soaking up the oil and flavor residue as it's being ground through your grinder. Not only does this prevent flavor transfer, if you're switching between flavored and unflavored coffee, using Grindz on a regular basis can actually prolong the lifespan of your machine. So, don't shy away from a dark roast; use Urnex Grindz and fear the oily beans no more.


dongio2 I love the Grindz tablets, used them in my Baratza Vario and the result was pretty impressive both in terms of the amount of residue that was cleaned and also how convenient and simple it is to use.

01-23-2013 12:34pm |


Patricia Morrison Is there a grinder cleaner for the Gaggia Espresso/coffee machine?

02-04-2013 9:56am |