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The Weekend Brew #1

Posted: 10/27/12


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Treat Yourself!
Kraken Cappuccino

Halloween is next week! Can you believe it? Well, for those of you who’ll be celebrating a little early, we thought it might be nice if we could find a drink to help liven up whatever festivities you might have planned. The result? Batten down the hatches for the Kraken Cappuccino! This fearsome drink is something of our own spin on a traditional hot buttered rum. To make your own Kraken Cappuccino, you’re going to need...


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What's Brewing: Breville Milk Cafe

Milk Cafe

On this episode of "What's Brewing" Morgan shares a quick view of this milk frother by Breville. Watch »


Baratza Encore Grinder

See why the Encore grinder is a wise choice for the at-home barista.
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Cleaning the Portafilter & Baskets

Kathy shows you how to clean these essential tools for espresso brewing.
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Gaggia Platinum Machine Comparison

Mike explains the similarities and differences between the Platinum series machines. Watch »

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2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner

Congratulations to Marissa from Fresno, CA who sent in this imaginative pumpkin carving! This "Hallowlatte" perfectly combines the themes of Halloween and coffee. Marissa wins a Handpresso Wild portable espresso maker and a box of Gaggia Intenso pods. Our heartiest congratulations to her and a big THANK YOU to all of our participants!

Winner of the Pumpkin Carving Contest

Beat the Rush With Our Black Friday Sales Event

As the biggest shopping day in the US since 2005, Black Friday is kind of a big deal (no pun intended). However, for those of us who don’t feel like sleeping on sidewalks, waiting in line, or being pushed around by stampeding shoppers, there’s an easier way. I’d actually call it a better way. Here at Whole Latte Love, we’re of the opinion that those kind of savings shouldn’t be just one day of the year, we’re thinking more like 30 days...
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Black Friday Event - Deals to Come

The Cost of Convenience: What Do You Pay Per Cup?

Some might balk at the price of a super-automatic machine, but, think of it this way, you’re only going to be buying the machine once, but you’ll need to keep buying coffee month after month. If you look at espresso machines like cars, parallels can be drawn in the overall cost of your investment. A fuel efficient car will save you money in the long run by cutting down on gas costs. In the realm of espresso machines, when comparing Single-Serve and Super-Automatic machines on a price per cup basis, you might be surprised just how much a cup a day is costing you. Read more »



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