Big Idea Contest
You’ve been patiently waiting for months and now the time is here to announce the winner of our Big Idea Contest! Before we get to the good stuff, we would just like to thank everyone for their submissions - they were so good that it took us a lot of deliberation to decide on a winner. So without further ado - drum roll please - the winner of WholeLatteLove’s Big Idea Contest is:

Nadav Caine

Nadav actually sent us 4 different ideas, all of which were worthy of the Big Idea title and a year’s worth of free coffee. Each submission had a community-centered theme that focused on getting customers and industry professionals alike to dish about some of the current espresso and coffee "hot topics". Now, I know the last thing you want is to be kept in further suspense, but we’re going to keep a lid on the specifics of Nadav’s Big Ideas until they’re ready to be rolled out for all to enjoy. One thing I can promise though - when you finally see what comes of this, you will not be disappointed.

Before we officially close out the Big Idea Contest, we’d also like to give honorable mention to the Big Ideas submitted by Gayle Fahrion, Michael Reed, and Krystal Huesmann. Again, I won’t spoil things to come with too many details, but let’s just say all 3 of these contestants submitted similar ideas on how we can improve the usability and quality of our customers’ product selection and buying processes. For their efforts, they will each receive 2 lbs. of the Lavazza coffee of their choice.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Big Idea Contest, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the new additions to our website (courtesy of our contest winners) and your next chance to win big with a WholeLatteLove contest.

The Fine Print:
By submitting your ideas to this contest, you give Whole Latte Love exclusive permission to use them as we see fit without compensation and to publish your name in relation to the submission. Credit will be given to idea submitter when appropriate.