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From buying guides to product spotlights, if you’re looking for the lowdown on espresso machines, grinders, and coffee makers, you’ve come to the right place. These guides will explain in detail the features and differences between machines, how to shop for them, what to look for and questions you should ask yourself when buying. First get the facts, then get the machine.

espresso machines - the basics

Lost in the sea of espresso machines? Here's a series of articles to get you on the path to espresso enlightenment.


Grinders are just as important as the espresso machine iteself! Read these to ensure your'e getting the right coffee grinder for you.

espresso machine spotlights

An informal "meet & greet" with a product we felt deserved some special attention. Written by the WLL staff.

super automatics

They grind, they tamp and they brew. They're the "one hit wonders" of the espresso world. Here's the whole story on Super Automatics.

coffee makers

Some more reading to help you understand the coffee process and make an educated decision.

grinder spotlights
coffee maker spotlights
spotlighting accessories