Capresso C3000 Espresso Machine

The Capresso C3000 was designed to appeal to the consumer who wants the most flexible and easy to use Super Automatic espresso machine. Because it comes with a commercial warranty as well, I have customers who use it in their office or gourmet shop. What sets this machine apart is the programmability of the individual brew and steam control buttons. You can control the coffee dose and beverage volume individually. This provides the unprecedented ability to custom tailor the machine to your tastes for espresso, café crema and Americanos. All programming is accomplished with the control panel and a large LED display. It is designed so that you can set the volume in increments as small as one ounce all the way up to 8 ounces. It delivers consistent results as long as the coffee is not ground too finely. The dosage can also be programmed from 5 grams up to 15 grams in 29 increments - more than even I need. If this was not enough extraction control you can bump the brewing temperature to High, which - according to our lab tests - adds about 9ºf to your espresso’s temperature.

The grinder is commercial quality and I can’t remember the last time we had a problem with it. As you would expect, it is a burr grinder and has 6 fineness settings. It is accessible through the bean hopper cover, which by the way has a second inner cover designed to help maintain the freshness of the whole bean coffee. Those 6 settings will be enough to handle any roast from the light to the dark oily roasts. Those oily roasts will have a tendency to cling to each other and occasionally cause feeding problems. In that event simply push the beans downward with your fingers.

Being a commercial system, it has a second boiler dedicated to steaming. This feature allows for almost instantaneous steam after brewing or vise versa. It comes equipped with a slick auto-frothing system called the Froth Xpress. Milk is stored in a detachable container and kept in your refrigerator until you are ready to froth and then snaps onto the frothing system. Milk is frothed automatically and literally pours directly into you cup, ready to drink. This eliminates the need for a separate frothing pitcher and delivers very fast results for entertaining or commercial use. There is a valve to control the quality of the froth as well as the temperature. It is important to clean this regularly. If not, the milk will not flow well and is probably the number one trouble call we get on this machine.

You have further flexibility with the bypass doser. This technical sounding feature allows you to use pre-ground coffee in addition to whole bean coffee. This is a must have feature if you want to offer different types of coffee to your guests - like decaf.

Cleaning and maintaining have always been my least favorite tasks for any appliance and the C3000 has the simplest system that even I can handle. A key feature is the Claris™ Water Care System that eliminates minerals that can cause your machine to calcify. These are replaceable filters that last about 2 months. They cost about $10 each if you buy in quantities of 4. Of course, you could choose not to use them, but I highly recommend that you do. The filters have other benefits as well that you should consider. They include the removal of heavy metals and other contaminants like chlorine, lead, copper and aluminum from your water.

Additionally, it has an automatic rinse cycle that runs through the brew components at start up and shut down. Coffee residue is flushed to the drip tray and keeps the coffee flavor fresh. I like to run a rinse cycle to pre-heat the brewing group if the machine has not been run for a while.
The C3000 utilizes the same automatic cleaning cycle that is used in the high volume food industry. It is a tablet that drops into the bypass doser and goes directly into the brewing group. If I remember correctly, it takes about 20 minutes to thoroughly clean all the brewing components that interact with the ground coffee. The machine will let you know when the cleaning is required and will remind you until you do so. It even makes annoying beeps until it ultimately shuts itself down if you don’t comply. I speak from experience on this.

The LED display is used for all programming functions as well as telling you the machine’s current status. This is especially helpful for troubleshooting. It helps our tech crew guide our customers through problem solving that includes tweaking the espresso flavor, maintenance procedures and just about anything else.

I highly recommend the Capresso C3000 as the ultimate home Super Automatic machine for the entertainer, for the executive office or for a light commercial environment.

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