Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind or you are worried that selecting an unknown brand or roast strength will prove unfulfilling. There is a way to embrace the unknown and find the flavor and strength that fits your palate. Try a sampler assortment of different coffees! Here are packages combining offerings from our leading brands, and some combinations from our own tasting trials that will help you get to the bean that suits you. (We don’t mean a bean-suit, but a bean that fits you, err…, a bean that meets your taste expectations! There!)

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$104.99 Reg. $125.00
$65.55 Reg. $69.00
$59.99 Reg. $79.97
$49.17 Reg. $54.99
$40.39 Reg. $50.49
$36.49 Reg. $42.97
  • 1 - 22 of 22