Espresso Machines - Semi-Automatic

Make that perfect cup of coffee like you get in most professional cafes with a Semi-Automatic espresso machine. These machines either have a professional heavy duty grade portafilter or a pressurized portafilter handle. Semi-Automatics give you the best control over your espresso extraction and most accept either ground coffee or coffee pods.

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Gaggia Baby Twin Gaggia Baby Twin $374.00 Reg: $599.00
Gaggia Baby Class Gaggia Baby Class $349.00 Reg: $499.00
Gaggia Espresso Pure Gaggia Espresso Pure $199.00 Reg: $249.00
Gaggia Evolution Gaggia Evolution $199.00 Reg: $249.00
Gaggia Espresso Color Gaggia Espresso Color $189.00 Reg: $249.00
  • 1 - 8 of 8
  • We Price Match!