Whole Latte Love Extended Warranties

The extended warranty begins on the day that the manufacturers warranty period ends and is valid for 1 or 2 years depending on the warranty issued. Warranty coverage from that date is then directly handled through Whole Latte Love or its agents.

Extended Warranty Coverage:
The extended warranty does not take effect until the manufacturer's warranty has expired. It follows the same policy and procedure as the original manufacturer's warranty. Abused merchandise or failure to follow regular maintenance schedule will void extended warranty. Shipping and labor charges are non-inclusive of warranty.

Conditions and Exclusion:
This warranty does not cover electrical components that fail due to power surges, power failures, improper water pressure, using hard or unfiltered water and operator use or neglect. Wear and tear items such as group gaskets, portafilter handles, portafilter baskets and shower screens are not covered. This warranty will not cover damage due to neglect or improper maintenance or use. Shipping and labor charges are not covered by this warranty.

Information on manufacturer's warranties and who handles the repairs can be found on our warranty page. As always, please call us at 888-411-5282 if you have any questions or concerns.