Hario Metal Drip Package

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Package Includes
Hario Drip Stand for Metal V60 Coffee Dripper - Black $40.00
Hario V60 02 Metal Coffee Dripper Silver - Silver $34.67
Hario V60 Range Server 600ml Clear - Clear $24.00
Hario White Paper Filter for 02 Dripper 100 Sheets - White $5.49
Lavazza Gran Aroma $9.99
Lavazza Gran Selezione $9.99
Value: $124.14


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Hario may be the king of glass, but their metal dripper and drip stand are just as deserving of royal praise. Metal is known for both its durablity and its heat conductivity, making it an ideal build material for coffee brewing. The Hario Metal Drip Package takes full advantage of this, while its centerpiece, the Drip stand aids in both the presentation and peparation of your coffee. Included in this set are Hario's Metal V60 02 Coffee Dripper, Drip Stand, 600ml Range Server, 100 Hario White Paper Filters, and a bag each of Lavazza's Gran Aroma and Gran Selezione premium drip coffees. 


For more information on pour over brewing, be sure to check out our guide from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters.

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