Compak K-3 Touch
Compak K-3 Touch

Questions not answered in the manual.

(1) As mentioned in one of the reviews, there is a little bit of "play" in the grind adjustment. I mean, there is some movement which doesn't feel like it is changing the setting while it takes quite a bit of force to move it outside this play. However, I have some evidence that the grind is actually changing with this soft movement because when I run the motor with no beans I can hear a very slight sound in the finer position within this play. The question is whether the grind setting is changing when moving the adjustment within this play.

(2) Does this grinder need to be calibrated? It has an absolute limit screw but can I trust that the grinder will not be damaged if I turn it to any setting down to the limit. I say down because that would be the finest position with the fear being that the burrs might be scraping.