April 2004 Volume XIV


Time to get creative. Grab your favorite mug, fill it with an intoxicating brew, and let the caffeine inspire you! The goal is to design a t-shirt so alluring that people will demand we put it to press. Original artwork, slogans, and phrases are all good places to start. They can be funny, serious, artistic, or whatever else moves you! The staff at Whole Latte Love will pick a batch of our favorites and post them on the site. Then it will be up to the loyal Whole Latte Love visitors to vote on the winning design.


1. It must relate to coffee in an obvious sense.
2. It must incorporate the Whole Latte Love name or logo somewhere in the design.
3. You can design just a front, just a back, or both. It's completely up to you.
4. Provide some type of description or graphic detailing the desired placement of images and text. See our example below.
5. The design must be able to be printed on a standard white or black long sleeved tee shirt. Please specify your preference.
6. Use the rainbow as a color palette, but remember that we would like to have the winning design printed. If the number of colors used is extravagant, it may be requested that you lower the number of colors in the design before we go to print.
7. You must be able to e-mail your design. We are not accepting any submissions by snail-mail.
8. All submitted artwork must be original and created by the individual that entered it into this contest.

To Submit:

E-mail your submission to contest@wholelattelove.com. The deadline for submissions is 8:00am, Monday June 21st. Submissions received after that date will not be considered. Please do your best to keep file sizes under 7mb. We can open just about any file format. If we can't open it, we'll let you know. Please include your name and mailing address.

The Fine Print:

By submitting your artwork and design to this contest, you give Whole Latte Love exclusive permission to use it as we see fit without compensation and to publish your name in relation to the submission. Credit will be given to all artists when appropriate. You are also certifying that all submissions are original, have not been previously published in print or on another website (excluding personal, non-commercial sites), were not originally designed for another organization or company, and that you have not received compensation for them previously.


1st - Mazzer Mini Electronic or Gaggia Syncrony Compact; you will also recieve a Whole Latte Love sweatshirt!
2nd - Gaggia Evolution Chrome or Mazzer Mini; you will also recieve a Whole Latte Love t-shirt!
3rd - Bodum Coffee Set or Gaggia Internet Cafe Espresso Cups; you will also recieve a Whole Latte Love hat!
(The Bodum Coffee Set includes a Columbia French Press, Columbia sugar bowl & creamer set, and C-Mill grinder.)


The front graphic is to go on the right side of the shirt (when looking at it ) over the heart.

The back graphic should be 10' x 10' and centered.