From Ynetnews - 12.15.12 - Israel Environment - A new report by the UK's Royal Botanic Gardens has found the climate change may wipe out wild coffee plants within 70 years. According to the Daily Mail, climate change, compounded by the loss of forests and invasive pests, are threatening one of the world's leading coffee plant  Arabica - in its native habitat of Ethiopia. Arabica grows in mountain forests and is widely considered to be the most popular coffee type in the world, making up 70% o global consumption. The majority of wild coffee forests can be found in south Sudan and Ethiopia, which is the largest producer of coffee in Africa. According to the report, commercial Arabica plantations produce only a fraction of the coffee harvested, and the plant in innately vulnerable to infection and environmental changes. Should anything seriously endanger the Arabica plant, the affects on the worlds coffee supplies would be immense. A shortage is also likely to effect world markets as coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil. Coffee exports amount to worth $15.95 billion a year.