Coffee grounds could eliminate bad sewer odors – Gaggia News - Elizabeth Smythe – 2/14/2012 - Eggy-drain smells could soon be a thing of the past, all due to left-over coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have many uses: mulch for the garden and as an effective cellulite body scrub to name but two. Now researchers have discovered a third use for the often-wasted by-product of the coffee machine: to disguise smelly sewer odors.
Tests were made by scientists at the City College of New York (CCNY) in an attempt to find an environmentally-friendly way to eliminate toxic gases from the air. Currently, a form of carbonized-charcoal is being used in filters.
During the experiments, researchers found that nitrogen which is contained in coffee grounds can help boost the power of the carbon’s ‘smell-fighting’ properties, according to World Coffee News. Effectively, it ‘sops up’ the offensive hydrogen sulfide gas, which can linger around drains, via a process called “adsorption”.
Teresa Bandosz, CCNY’s professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, believes that this “natural biomass”, so abundant in sulphur-neutralizing elements, should not be ignored. This is particularly important, she is cited on, as making carbon absorbents more effective would usually necessitate the additional expense of treating with nitrogen-rich substances.
Professor Bandosz is hopeful that, with its “affinity for toxic gas”, coffee grounds will soon be commercially developed into next generation green waste filters.