Hi I have 2 questions:
1. How come the water container tank IS plastic (I was told there is no plastic parts in the Rancilio Silvia machine). I got this machine for that particular reason since I DO NOT want any plastic parts in the coffee machine let alone the water tank itself, since I get this plastic smell in the water which I really hate. Is there a glass/stainless steel part which I can use to replace the plastic water tank?
2. I get decent shots of espresso with this pack, but not enough crema (I'm using LavAzza Super Crema beans which yous sell and have tried setting the grinder to B-C on Micro and 10-11 on Macro with a good tamp, but the crema is still kind of thin) not the same as shown on this video http://www.wholelattelove.com/Baratza/silvia_preciso.cfm I know you're using a different type of bean, but I would think that Super Crema bean should produce at least the same crema as the Golden brand which was used in the video, any suggestions?