I am a newbie... so pardon my elementary question, but this would give me a fabulous start to enjoying delicious coffee... I recently purchased a Gaggia Classic and MDF grinder. I have brewed 10 espressos so far, and am very pleased with the results. Now I am trying to achieve the best espresso. If I brew a double-shot, it looks beautiful, nice crema, and have been tuning my grind and pounds of pressure to change my brewing time from 8 seconds to 19 seconds (still working on getting this closer to 25 sec.). However, when I attempt a single shot, it is still taking about 10-12 seconds, no crema and doesn't task as rich. I am using one scoop, grind is set to 5, and have even tried much more than 30lbs of pressure. Any ideas? (I am using the double-shot portafilter with 1 scoop of ground coffee)