My Real Coffee Recipe
Espresso or Cafe con Leche
1, Boil the kettle and almost fill 2ltr jug (for heating utensils) Put shot cups and cappuccino cups into boiled water but be careful when handling
2, Make sure filtered or Bottled water in the reservoir
3, wait until both red and green light on the unit
4, warm the filter and holder in boiling water or run a test shot thru empty filter
5, measure 1 or 2 shot of coffee grounds into filter tamp and twist
6, fit the filter into holder and fix firmly (twist to the right)
7, put 2 shot cups under outlets
8, with red and green lights on start 25 sec timer and turn dial to the right
9, 25 sec’s stop the fill
10, sugar and single shot into HOT cappuccino cups and stir
At this point espresso is ready to enjoy
11, turn dial to steam and quick blow to clear water
12, place steamer well into the milk and turn steam dial feel side of jug until too hot to touch count to 10 and stop the steam
13, add hot milk to the shot and serve
14, blow quick steam jet to clean frother and wipe nozzle clean
15, empty filter, rinse and dry
Remember only if it’s clean and dry
Is it ready to pull the next shot.