I recently ranted about my Gaggia Achille and being able to get parts. Low and behold today, I discover Whole Latte Love has the part I most wanted after being told by the girl in tech service they didn't. I bet they didn't have the parts when she told me that, and later started carrying more parts. Thank you WLL! Before I saw this I had done a lot of additional research on lever machines and am still convinced the Achille is one of the best designed machines out there. Just has a bum rap because of construction short-comings. All the research I did informs my opinion that the only alternative for me to the Gaggia Achille is the Bezzera Strega. The Achille is still the preferred machine. I am glad WLL is carrying some parts, maybe they'll add to their inventory, though I personally already stocked up quite a bit last week. I won't give up on my Achille though Gaggia gave up on it already. I'm planning to purchase two more.