ROK Espresso Maker
ROK Espresso Maker

Absolutely loving it! Had my ROK delivered from Wholelattelove very quickly and started pulling nice shots right out of the box. Been using a blend from Gimme! Coffe called Leftist (amazing), ground fairly thin and tamped strongly —the pressure is the actual resistance from the coffee 'puck'. Getting plenty of crema and taste.

Love: Quality of metal parts (will need to wait to see how the rubber parts will wear); Portability; Looks; Easy of use and clean; Connection to the art!
Not so lovey: Milk frother (it's OK); Temperature control (took a little while to dial this in. Must pull an empty shot to warm group and cup); Suspicious of white rubber parts; One of the rubber 'feet' came off on the first day (I placed it back but it's not glued anymore); Tamper (what a joke :)...

Overall I'm very satisfied!