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Labeled an authority on coffee and everything espresso, Whole Latte Love has been appearing in newspapers, magazines, and television spots all over the world. These are some of our proudest moments, and they could not have been achieved without our loyal customers. Thank you for your support and your belief in "Latte Love"!

January 19,2006

Establishing Some Ground Rules
In the author’s pursuit to find a new espresso machine, they discovered that buying a compatible grinder was just as important. This article details the reasoning behind the need for a good grinder and lists Whole Latte Love as the place to purchase some of the best grinders available.

November 22,2005

What to buy this holiday season
The Gaggia Titanium SS made a splash in this article, listed as the hottest item for the holidays this year as its "results are so much better than store bought." The author went on to say that the place to buy the Titanium SS is "wholelattelove.com, a website that’s to espresso machines what Amazon is to books."

December 10, 2004

Totally Wired: Which espresso machine is best?
Slate Magazine spent six months researching and testing a variety of espresso machines, including the Gaggia Classic and Syncrony Compact. Ranked on a 10-point scale for looks, quality, convenience and value, both Gaggia machines received impressive overall ratings. Whole Latte Love was the only retailer in the article that customers were referred to in order to purchase and research these machines.

Time Magazine
November 29, 2004

Web Shopping Guide 2004
Time Magazine searched the web and identified what they considered to be some of the coolest gifts around. In their pursuit, they located the Nespresso D290 on the Whole Latte Love website and chose to spotlight us. Time Magazine mentioned that there was "something for every java junkie" on the WLL site and also pointed out our helpful user reviews, buying guides, and gift center.

Boston Globe
September 16, 2004

The Grind that Makes the Cup
This Boston Globe article discussed the practice-makes-perfect nature of espresso making. Noted as devoting "page after page to technique," readers are directed to Whole Latte Love to hone their skills and are told to consider purchasing an espresso machine as a wise investment if they are known to frequent the local coffee house.

LA Times
August 25th, 2004

The Grind that Makes the Cup
Testing the Mazzer Mini, Pasquini K2, and Rancilio Rocky among several others, this article explores the idea that a consistent grind is a necessity for brewing great espresso. Concluding that high quality burr grinders produce the best results, the author recommends Whole Latte Love as the place to purchase the top grinders available.

Entrepreneur Magazine
August Issue 2004

In the Click
In this article, Whole Latte Love’s president was consulted as an authority on Search Engine Optimization. Quoted several times in the article, he noted, "Consumers see that natural listings are awarded to highly relevant sites. That’s the match they want." He elaborates by discussing the importance of establishing the customer’s trust by delivering exactly what you advertise.

Cincinnati Post Online Edition
July 5, 2004

Site Seeing with Jan Perry
Whole Latte Love was listed as a "site to browse before you brew". The column, which highlights the best websites on specific topics, went on to recommended Whole Latte Love if you’re looking for equipment or skill-building opportunities. Designating our articles, tips, reviews, and buying guides as "an encyclopedic reference section," the author states that reading all of these items will make you "feel like you’re taking a class."

San Fransisco Chronicle
June 23, 2004

Extreme Coffee
Whole Latte Love is listed as a coffee roasting resource that "sells roasters, grinders, and all kinds of machines, with lots of advice."

Gourmet Magazine
April Issue, 2004

Java Nirvana
Gourmet directs readers to Whole Latte Love for the purchase of some of the best tampers available.

New York Times
March 18th, 2004

Be Your Own Barista, With a Programmable Helper.
Whole Latte Love’s president, Gary Salzman, was interviewed regarding the recent increase in the popularity of super automatic espresso machines and the affect that it has on espresso machine retailers.

Global Promoter
March 8th, 2004

What is Content?
This article discusses the 2004 Search Engine Strategies Conference where our president, Gary Salzman, was a key presenter. The author lists WholeLatteLove as a "live" example of a great content-based site that has made itself successful using content as part of its business model.

London Financial Times
January 30th, 2004

How a Daily Grind Can Perk You Up.
Readers are directed to Whole Latte Love "To learn more than you thought you could ever know about espresso machines (and get the guaranteed best price and free shipping to boot)."

San Diego Daily Transcript
January 26th, 2004

Technology in the Kitchen.
The author recommends Whole Latte Love, "which provides detailed information, reviews and comparisons of dozens of machines."

Oprah Magazine
September Issue, 2003

Perk Up!
In this article about machines and beans, Whole Latte Love is cited as the place to go for any coffee-related information you need.

New York Times
July 27th, 2003

In Search of the Perfect Cup, The Old Coffee Pot Is Passé.
Whole Latte Love’s president, Gary Salzman, was interviewed about the rise of the coffee culture and the affect that it has on the retail of espresso machines.

Men’s Journal
June Issue, 2003

Espresso Yourself
Whole Latte Love is listed as the place to go for the espresso machines that will perform the best.

Wall Street Journal
May 23, 2003

Countertop Coffee Roasters Are the Roast of the Town
In this article about increased interest in home roasting, Whole Latte Love is named as a source for some of the most popular home roasters available.

Luminouscorp’s LumiNews
February 24, 2003

Redefining Luxury: Knowledge is the key to piece of mind and brand loyalty
Whole Latte Love is commended for appealing to the consumer need of in depth information in this unique exploration of knowledge as a status symbol. This article was also featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle 24x7, and the Washington Software Alliance’s Newsbytes.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
January 24, 2001

Just Their Cup of Espresso
Owners Gary and Lauren Salzman are featured in this article about Whole Latte Love and its growth, as well as the espresso machine industry itself.

Awards and Recognitions
September 2003 - August 2004

Whole Latte Love Captures Biz-Rate Circle Of Excellence Award
Whole Latte Love was recently named one of the Biz-Rate Circle Of Excellence Award Gold Honoree winners. Of nearly 48,000 Biz-Rate e-tailers, only 46 were chosen to receive this award and be noted as BizRate’s "best of the best", putting Whole Latte Love in the top 0.2% of rated businesses. Winners of this award were chosen based upon each company’s customer ratings in the following categories: Ease of Finding What You Are Looking For, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Selection of Products, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations and Repurchase Intent. We thank our customers for their continued support and for helping us to achieve this prestigious award.

Five Star Reviews
June Issue, 2004

Whole Latte Love
Whole Latte Love is credited as reaching the Five Star criteria of Presentation, Purpose, Performance, Pleasure, and Poise. The Gaggia Classic and MDF were also reviewed and achieved the Five Star rating as well.

Live Appearances
The Price is Right
October 27, 2004

Show Case Show Down!
Whole Latte Love was featured on one of the nation’s most-watched and longest-running game shows, The Price is Right. We provided them with a Gaggia Syncrony, which appeared in one of their famed Showcases. Look for more guest shots in the future.

New York- WABC
April 28th, 2004

Super Automatic Coffee Makers
Whole Latte Love’s president, Gary Salzman, was interviewed about the growth of interest in super automatic espresso machines and the influence this has had on Whole Latte Love.

Search Engine Strategies Conference
March 2nd, 2004

What is Content?
Whole Latte Love’s president, Gary Salzman, was the featured speaker/presenter in this session. Gary spoke about the necessity of websites to provide content that is relevant to their customers’ needs.