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Loveramics Matchbox Espresso Cups

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Reflect your personal style in your espresso cups with Loveramics Matchbox Espresso Cup Sets. Available in 7 different styles with colorful patterns and unique handles, each set comes with 2 ceramic cups and matching saucers. Loveramics Matchbox Espresso Cups have a capacity of 2 oz, or a double shot of espresso. The matching saucers measure 10.5cm in diameter.

I Luv Baby Blue: These cups feature an understated square of baby blue on white, and the square, white handle mirrors the pattern. The saucers have a dotted line of blue that crawls along the center.

Flower Field: Adorned with a field of cartoon-like flowers on tall, green stems, these cups will remind you of spring every morning. The white handle has been designed to mimic the shape of flower petals, and the matching saucers feature a line of flowers across the center.

Summer of Love: The letters that spell “love” create a delightful, multicolored pattern on this set of cups. The handle is shaped like one half of a heart, and the saucer has 2 lines of multicolored dots to match those found on the cups.

Monarch: A playful design of bright, colorful monarch butterflies is printed on this set of white ceramic cups. The handle is shaped like one of the butterfly’s delicate wings, adding an extra beautiful touch to this set.

Playtime: A pile of brown, yellow, orange, and white cats play with balls of yarn on these whimsical cups. The white ceramic handle looks like the tail of a cat, and a pattern of fish circles the saucers.

Puzzle: Reminiscent of the paintings of Piet Mondrian, this set features rectangles of primary colors on the cup and saucer. Adding to this creative design, the hole through the handle runs vertically.

Red in Black: A small red globe appears in a field of black on each white ceramic cup. Each saucer features a pattern of black dots along the outer edge, and the handle on every cup is curved to match the design.



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