Bodum BEAN Ice Coffee Maker

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Ice coffee is made easy with the Bodum Bean Ice Coffee Maker. This unique coffee maker is constructed with a stainless-steel filter and durable borosilicate glass; it is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

To use, add your favorite ground coffee to the Bean Ice Coffee Maker; make sure the coffee has a coarse grind, the kind used for French presses. Instead of hot water, pour in the desired volume of cold water and secure the lid into place. Place the coffee maker into the fridge and let it sit overnight. Once it has had a chance to steep, replace the lid with the plunger filter and press down to trap the coffee grounds. All that’s left to do is pour and enjoy your brew!

The Bodum Bean Ice Coffee Maker has a 51oz capacity. Each coffee maker comes with two lids, one with a filter and plunger and the other forms a tight seal to turn the press into a storage container.

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Stephen asked:
posted on Aug 29, 2013 01:36PM

Question by Stephen M.

How is this different than a regular French press? I the only difference the capacity (51 oz.)?

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mjackson aswered:
Stephen, It is a little different as it is designed to be put in fridge overnight to steep. It has a different lid included in able to do that successfully.

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