Bonjour Insulated Double Wall Glass Latte Cup

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The Bonjour Insulated Glass Latte Cup is a double-walled, hand-blown, graceful piece of glass maker’s art that is very functional. The tough properties of the lightweight borosilicate glass make this mug useable every day. The double-wall provides insulation that will keep your latte or cappuccino hot longer and doesn’t allow condensation to collect and leave rings on your table. Your beverage appears to float within the cup.

  • Tough hand-blown lightweight borosilicate glass
  • Double wall insulated keeps drinks hot
  • Comes in a set of 2 cups

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posted on Jun 26, 2014 07:19PM


How big are they? How many ounzes do they hold?

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Sanfam aswered:
These cups will hold between 11.5 and 12.5 fluid ounces of liquid.  Why the range?   In general, double wall cups tend to have their exact volume will vary slightly.

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