Compak K-3 Touch

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Designed for instant, precise grinding, the Compak K-3 Touch Stepless Coffee Grinder is ideal for easy, professional grinding. With 58mm burrs, the Touch provides extremely consistent grinding.

The K-3 Touch employs an aluminum Uni-body housing, commercial-grade 58mm burr grinder, and single, double or continuous serving system. Precision-machined grinding burrs can be easily adjusted for 34 different degrees of fineness. The hopper holds 10 ounces of coffee beans and the dispensing chute is easy to clean.

As with all Compak grinders, the K-3 utilizes a mounted motor, wherein the motor is not fused with the housing. If the motor breaks down, it can be replaced without having to replace the whole grinder. The mounted motor also makes for quieter grinding, and most importantly, less heat transferred to the coffee grinds

Elegant and functionally designed, the K-3 Touch is designed to last.

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Features & Benefits: Coffee


This stepless coffee grinder grinds directly into the filter holder. The Compak stepless grinder is made of aluminum, measures 19.5(h) x 6.5(w) x 12(d) and weighs 20 lbs.


The K3 Elite uses 58mm tempered steel, flat burrs using the traditional Italian method. The mounted motor makes for a quieter grinding experience and less heat transferred to the coffee grinds, making for more optimal shots.


Precision dosing for single, double or continuous serving dispensing of coffee grounds. Press once for single shot serving and twice for double shot serving; hold for continuous serving.


Store your beans in 10 oz. bean hopper constructed of durable Makrolon material.


The ground coffee drops vertically when pulling shots making for less spillage and waste, and less cleanup.

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posted on Oct 31, 2014 09:04PM


There is a new version of this called "Compak K3 Touch Advanced Doserless Grinder". Do you have that?

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Erik aswered:
I apologize but we do not currently stock this version of the Compak K3. We are however working on getting it in.  Please check back for updates!

posted on Oct 31, 2014 05:54PM

What's included?

Does this come with any of those cleaning beans or anything? Or, is it just the grinder?

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Sanfam aswered:
These grinders do not come with any cleaning products unless they're offered as part of a package.  

Angel asked:
posted on May 06, 2013 04:59PM

Questions not answered in the manual. (1) As mentioned in one of the reviews, there is a litle bit of...

Questions not answered in the manual. (1) As mentioned in one of the reviews, there is a little bit of "play" in the grind adjustment. I mean, there is some movement which doesn't feel like it is changing the setting while it takes quite a bit of force to move it outside this play. However, I...

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techkathy aswered:
1) The grind is not changing. The adjustment plate is threaded to the machine. So you are really only moving the burr up or down outside of this "play" area. 2) Any grinder should be periodically calibrated to ensure you are getting the proper grind. The grinder is calibrated at the factory so...

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Misc Data
Manufacturer: Compak
Model: K3T
Dimension - Width (Inches): 6.5
Dimension - Height (Inches): 16.5
Dimension - Depth (Inches): 12
Weight (lbs): 20
Watts: 250
Volts: 120
Grind Selection: All grinds
Recommended Applications: Home / Commercial
Grinding Method: Burr
Drive System: Direct Drive
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Material: Stainless Steel
Burr Size (Millimeter): 58
Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches): 2.25
Built-In Tamper: No
Housing Materials: Cast Aluminum
Bean Hopper Material: Makrolon
Removable Hopper: Yes
Ground Coffee Container Material: Clear Plastic
Frame: Cast Aluminum
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz): 10
Dosser Capacity (Oz): 7
Dosing Options: Doserless
Portafilter Compatibility: All
Number Of Grind Settings: Infinite
Programmable Grinding: No
Programmability type: Manual
Controls: Push Lever
Grind Setting Controls: Stepless
RPM (Burrs): 1100
Easy Access To Burrs: No
Cleaning Products For Burrs: Urnex Grindz
Warranty (Years): 1
Country Of Manufacture: Spain
NSF Certified: No
Recommended Applications: Home / Commercial
Service provided
Repairs By: Whole Latte Love
Contact Number: 888-411-5282