Gaggia Group Gasket

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UphillStill asked:

When replacing the gasket, does it matter which way the gasket goes in? I see one side is completely flat while the other has a slightly curved edge. I put the flat side in first (up) against the machine since the one I was removing was completely flat on that side too. Of course, the other side...

Answer by Sanfam:

While there may be a slight curve, the Gaggia NG01 group gaskets are typically flat on both the top and bottom faces.  For the sake of consistency, I'd suggest placing the flat face up to allow for a firm seal (no flexing or compression to worry about) when tightening the filter.

Answer by UphillStill:

That's the way I placed it originally but when running the pump without a porta filter in place, water leaked around the diffuser/shower screen so I reversed it and now water only emerges from the shower screen. I wonder if it's the correct gasket? I've seen others ask the same question and even...

Answer by Sanfam:

It really sounds like you might have received a bunk gasket.  I'd suggest contacting Technical Support with your order number to (a) make sure the correct gasket was selected for certain, and (b) alternative options if it was.

Answer by UphillStill:

Thanks. I ordered another gasket and it is clearly different than the last one so I think you're right about it now being the correct gasket or a defective piece. The person I talked to only seemed to care that the most recent gasket was correct rather than getting a replacement for one I bought...

BLAIRL asked:

I have been having the Gaggia Baby Class for only 2 months, and the portafilter has recently started to leak after brewing a shot (until i power it off). Am i doing something wrong. I tried cleaning the gasket, but got same results. I did not see any wear on the gasket.

Answer by techkathy:

Have you taken apart the group head and cleaned it? Have you descaled the machine? If the machine is leaking from the group head even after brewing it may just need a good cleaning. Click on the links below to see a video on both cleaning procedures. ...

Janet asked:

I recently purchased replacement group gaskets for two 7-yr-old Gaggia Classics, and replaced the originals according to posted instructions - easy job. BUT the gaskets appear to be too thick. It's now very difficult to set the basket in place on one machine - I can get it a bit past the...

Answer by Janet:

Thanks for your suggestions. I took the coffee maker apart again to check for debris under the gasket - there was none. However, I noticed that the gasket is asymmetric - one side is beveled and the other isn't. It took about an hour on the web to find replacement instructions that even...

Answer by Sanfam:

One thing to consider when replacing a very old gasket is that any old gasket material left behind can result in high-spots, which can make tightening the filter difficult. A good plan when replacing the gasket is to make certain the seat is completely clean of any residual gasket material (Or...

Answer by techkathy:

Janet ,
The old gaskets were probably worn and much thinner then they were originally. New gaskets are thicker and usually do not allow the portafilter to turn all the way to the 6 o'clock position right away. They will wear in a bit with use. As long as there is a seal when you are brewing...

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