Handpresso Wild Hybrid

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Presenting the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Adapting to the needs of our customers wishes and following the universal trend to hybridize the use of fuel, Handpresso has taken the popular Wild portable espresso maker and adapted it to use not only E.S.E. pods like the original but also ground espresso coffee. Now you can be an aspiring Barista in the office, on holiday, on weekends, at the beach, while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere!

It's so easy! Simply pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle, then put in an E.S.E. pod or ground espresso. Push the button, and voila, great-tasting espresso with a fine and smooth créma.

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid was just featured as one of National Geographic's picks for Gear of the Year 2013 and also as a road trip essential by Bon Appetit magazine.

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E.S.E. Pod or Ground Espresso Capability

Made to work with ground espresso coffee or E.S.E (Easy Serve Espresso) pods, you can choose from an array of coffees to use with your hand held espresso machine. Thanks to the E.S.E. labeling logo that is included on the coffee packaging, you will be able to easily recognize the pods that can be used with Handpresso Wild. More than a hundred coffee merchants make pods that meet the E.S.E standards, so finding your favorite coffee to brew with the Handpresso is never a problem.

Pump Pressure

With the Handpresso Wild Hybrid you’ll never sacrifice quality for convenience. The 16 bar-pressure gauge ensures that your espresso is extracted at an optimum pressure. Simply hand pump the Handpresso until the indicator gauge reads in the green zone. This may take approximately 10-30 pumps, depending on your strength and speed.


This system requires little maintenance; however there are a few things that you should know that will help you keep your Handpresso working its best. Never use alcohol or any detergent to clean this hand held machine, simply rinse Handpresso Wild Hybrid under warm water. Please note: Descaling this machine is unnecessary. Do not use in the microwave.


  • Pressure: 232psi (16 bars )
  • Water reservoir: 1.69oz (50ml )
  • Compacity: 8.6" x 3.9" x 2.8" (22 x 10 x 7 cm )
  • Light weight : 1.1lb ( 480 g )
  • Color: black
  • E.S.E. pods either/or ground espresso coffee


The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is extremely easy to use. Pump the machine like you are using a bicycle pump- this will bring the pressure in the internal chamber to the 16 bar mark. Once this is achieved, add hot water to the reservoir and close the lid. You will see that there is a black spout on the Handpresso, this is the dispensing end of the machine and should be held over your espresso cup. Add coffee and then attach and secure the portafilter lid. Once in place, press down the dispensing button located on the top left of the machine, your espresso will then flow from the spout to the cup. Always be sure to position that button over the top left of the tube to ensure espresso pours correctly. If you would like a shorter shot, press the button back into it’s original position from the bottom of the Handpresso and this will stop the flow of water.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir holds 50ml or 1.69oz of water.

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Mark asked:

I have the Handpresso Wild and am interested in converting it to the Hybrid so I can also use ground coffee. Can the Hybrid parts be ordered to convert? Thanks.

Answer by techkathy:

Parts are available. But purchasing the parts needed shipping is about the same as buying a new Hybrid unit.

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Are you a coffee fiend who ventures far from their precious home espresso machine? Do you often stay in motels where coffee is more easily likened to dirty water, and half-way decent espresso is at least three towns away? Or maybe you like to camp, in which case you may be in for a long, hilly ocean laden trek to Italy--well the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set might just be the answer to your caffeine deprivation. This portable espresso machine is lightweight and durable, and a camping must have with the inclusion of unbreakable glasses, a thermos and a carrying case.   The Wild Hybrid employs all the technological advancements of a bicycle pump to get to the necessary brewing pressure, just twist the handle and pump up the volume--er.. pressure. It only takes a minute to get up to the green 15 bar mark, take your pot of boiling water that’s conveniently heating over your morning bonfire and preheat your cup--just remember kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires! If you’re using ground coffee, use the handle of your Handpresso to tamp it. Pour the hot water into the dome up to those black indents and add your coffee coffee of choice.   The new version of the hybrid comes with an ESE pod adaptor and domepod for ground coffee--if you like to grind fresh check out the Hario Mini-Mill Slim for a lightweight companion manual burr grinder. Also, something to consider as an upgraded feature is the intense portafilter which delivers an even better crema with a slower extraction time for a more robust shot. Another tip as far as crema is concerned is the tamping procedure, try filling the domepod about three quarters of the way, tamping, then fill to the top and tamp again for better results. If you have access to a cigarette lighter you can light up your Handpresso Auto and your peers will think you’re super cool--plus, no coughing necessary, unless maybe you slurp up your espresso in some offbeat way. The process is the same, except the auto only takes ESE pods and it’s got the heat up covered. When it’s ready to pour, you’ll hear three beeps, so grab your cup and get sipping!

Espresso At A Tailgate Party?

Posted By: DanMoraldo
Aug 30, 2012 02:27PM
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Espresso anywhere?...sounds good to me! I figure this would be a good time to go over the Handpresso Wild Hybrid, an improved version of Handpresso's ingenious portable espresso maker that can now brew using both ground coffee and ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods. At first glance, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid impresses with some exquisite craftsmanship and engineering. In your hand, this portable espresso maker (which weighs in at a comfortable 1.2 pounds) feels just right. It's light enough to take anywhere, yet it's got enough weight to dispel any concerns about its durability. Making espresso with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is really fun, and easy too. The gauge at the top of the Handpresso indicates how much pressure has been built up. All you need is to do is pump the Handpresso (similar to a bike or ball pump) until the needle is in the green area of the gauge. The needle indicates that it is ready to extract espresso. When the real work is out of the way, you simply remove the lid from the brewing pod and add hot water into it, and insert an ESE (easy serve espresso) pod or a filled basket of ground coffee. Living the fast paced life that I do, I prefer using the Lavazza Gran Crèma Pods. Next, cover the espresso pod with the lid and make sure it secured tightly. Finally, point the bottom of the pod over the espresso cup, push the plunger down and watch the thick and rich espresso pour into the cup with a generous amount of crema. Mmmmm! Cleaning up is easy too. When the Handpresso is done brewing, empty the brewing pod by throwing away the used espresso pod and proceed to rinse it with water. Dry the Handpresso with dry rag and you are ready for your next espresso shot.

Espresso Anywhere: The Handpresso Wild Hybrid

Posted By: Nick B
Jun 01, 2012 03:33PM
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It's Alive! The Handpresso Wild Hybrid and innovation are synonymous; and, while that is an outstanding characteristic, much more can be said about the new Handpresso Wild Hybrid. When I first started working at Whole Latte Love I had heard of Handpresso and of the two varieties of hand-held espresso machines they made, the Handpresso Wild and the Handpresso DomePod. Now, this is where the Handpresso Wild Hybrid really shines. As a combination of both machines, the Hybrid can brew espresso using either ESE pods or ground coffee, making it very versatile for making espresso on the go. I found brewing with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid to be a very hands-on experience. I was very impressed by its performance, and wild with excitement by the time I was finished... okay good, you're still with me. Puns aside, I found the Handpresso Wild Hybrid to be an incredibly easy machine to use after perusing the instructions a few times. What it really boils down to is pumping the machine, filling it with water and coffee and pushing a button. To test it out, I went on a voyage to the untamed wilderness that is the Whole Latte Love kitchen. I found it somewhat ironic that I wound up using our Expobar Brewtus IV-R to provide my hot water (using a coffee machine in order to use a coffee machine), but still it was easier than say, boiling creek water. Honestly the water can come from anywhere as long as it's clean and hot. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid doesn't heat the water itself. In terms of coffee, you can either pop an ESE pod in or fill the DomePod basket with ground coffee. If you do use the basket, I recommend grinding the coffee into a container first and then using a scoop, otherwise things can get messy. Once you've taken care of your coffee, replace the portafilter and press the brew button. In the kitchen, I tried to imagine a babbling forest brook as fresh espresso poured from the spout and into my cup. Now, because I'm an accessory kind of guy, I also checked out the Handpresso Intense Portafilter, which is a special portafilter that you use in place of the one that comes with the Wild Hybrid. The Intense Portafilter increases infusion time, which was nice when I found myself craving a stronger cup of coffee. One thing to be aware of while brewing is that the Hybrid is built with a set of locks, one on the pump handle and another by the portafilter. In order to pump, you'll have to first twist the pump handle counterclockwise to release it. You should also lock it back into place when you've reached the green zone on the pressure gauge. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid can reach around 16 bars of pressure, but you want to make sure you stay out of the red. The second lock is indicated by an icon next to the brew button. When you've twisted your portafilter back on and are ready to brew, make sure that one of the three white lines on the side is lined up with the closed lock icon, otherwise, you won't be able to push the brew button. This might seem a bit confusing, but the machine won't brew if the portafilter is unlocked. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid combines gourmet quality coffee and the convenience of portability into one elegant package. Embark on your own coffee adventure today with any of the novel Handpresso products from Whole Latte Love!

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