Handpresso Wild Hybrid

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Presenting the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Adapting to the needs of our customers wishes and following the universal trend to hybridize the use of fuel, Handpresso has taken the popular Wild portable espresso maker and adapted it to use not only E.S.E. pods like the original but also ground espresso coffee. Now you can be an aspiring Barista in the office, on holiday, on weekends, at the beach, while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere!

It's so easy! Simply pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle, then put in an E.S.E. pod or ground espresso. Push the button, and voila, great-tasting espresso with a fine and smooth créma.

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid was just featured as one of National Geographic's picks for Gear of the Year 2013 and also as a road trip essential by Bon Appetit magazine.

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E.S.E. Pod or Ground Espresso Capability

Made to work with ground espresso coffee or E.S.E (Easy Serve Espresso) pods, you can choose from an array of coffees to use with your hand held espresso machine. Thanks to the E.S.E. labeling logo that is included on the coffee packaging, you will be able to easily recognize the pods that can be used with Handpresso Wild. More than a hundred coffee merchants make pods that meet the E.S.E standards, so finding your favorite coffee to brew with the Handpresso is never a problem.

Pump Pressure

With the Handpresso Wild Hybrid you’ll never sacrifice quality for convenience. The 16 bar-pressure gauge ensures that your espresso is extracted at an optimum pressure. Simply hand pump the Handpresso until the indicator gauge reads in the green zone. This may take approximately 10-30 pumps, depending on your strength and speed.


This system requires little maintenance; however there are a few things that you should know that will help you keep your Handpresso working its best. Never use alcohol or any detergent to clean this hand held machine, simply rinse Handpresso Wild Hybrid under warm water. Please note: Descaling this machine is unnecessary. Do not use in the microwave.


  • Pressure: 232psi (16 bars )
  • Water reservoir: 1.69oz (50ml )
  • Compacity: 8.6" x 3.9" x 2.8" (22 x 10 x 7 cm )
  • Light weight : 1.1lb ( 480 g )
  • Color: black
  • E.S.E. pods either/or ground espresso coffee


The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is extremely easy to use. Pump the machine like you are using a bicycle pump- this will bring the pressure in the internal chamber to the 16 bar mark. Once this is achieved, add hot water to the reservoir and close the lid. You will see that there is a black spout on the Handpresso, this is the dispensing end of the machine and should be held over your espresso cup. Add coffee and then attach and secure the portafilter lid. Once in place, press down the dispensing button located on the top left of the machine, your espresso will then flow from the spout to the cup. Always be sure to position that button over the top left of the tube to ensure espresso pours correctly. If you would like a shorter shot, press the button back into it’s original position from the bottom of the Handpresso and this will stop the flow of water.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir holds 50ml or 1.69oz of water.

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Mark asked:
posted on Sep 16, 2013 08:56PM

Question by Mark F.

I have the Handpresso Wild and am interested in converting it to the Hybrid so I can also use ground coffee. Can the Hybrid parts be ordered to convert? Thanks.

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techkathy aswered:
Parts are available. But purchasing the parts needed shipping is about the same as buying a new Hybrid unit.

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