Hario V60 02 Black Glass Dripper

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Featuring high quality construction the Hario V60 02 Black Glass Coffee Dripper is designed for manual, pour-over style coffee brewing and it is perfect for two cup brewing. Large curved ridges on the inside of the cone aid in the control of water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds. A durable Hario clear glass body helps prevent heat loss during the brewing cycle. The pour-over technique allows you to brew directly into your cup or server, (like the Hario V60 Range Server).

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  • Size: 02
  • Color: Clear Glass / Black Plastic
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Body Material: Hario Glass & Black Plastic
  • Origin: Japan

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Marcel asked:
posted on Sep 08, 2013 07:27PM

Question by Marcel D.

What size filter does one use with one of these?

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DanielCulver aswered:
You need a cone shaped paper filter. Depends who you are buying from (local groceries usually have some) they will be medium, 2 cup, or #4, that usually work. Whole Foods used to carry a reusable cotton filter that fits the Hario.

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