J Martinez Single Origin Miricho Estate Kenya AA Dark Roast Coffee

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Another of the J. Martinez company’s coffees from a single origin, Kenya AA from the Miricho Estate Kenya will capture you with its boldness. Coming from an African region known for its well-educated coffee farmers, you will notice the care given to this distinct bean. The AA’s strong, fruity aroma immediately suggests the robust flavor that bursts through every sip. Characteristic of many African coffees, this roast has a high acidity and brightness that is extremely balanced. Though it is sharp, the medium body ensures this coffee will never weigh you down. And the signature wine-like aftertaste of Kenyan coffee offers a lasting impression. Kenya AA whole bean is available in medium or dark roasts and comes in 1 lb. bags packaged in a gift box.

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes: Strong, fruity
Taste Notes: Caramel & Earthy
Finish Notes: Vibrant acidity
Palate Notes: Rich acidity & a syrupy mouthfeel
Roast Profile
Roast Profile: Dark, Full City, Scuro, French
Best For Brewing
Espresso: Yes
Drip & Espresso: Yes
Drip: Yes
Pour Over: Yes
French Press: Yes
Moka Pot: Yes
Coffee + Milk Drinks: Yes
Coffee + Liquor: Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean: Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine: Yes
Special Attribute
Single Origin: Yes
Estate Grown: Kenya Miricho Estate
Coffee Botanical
Species: 100 % Arabica
Coffee Packaging
Container: Bag
Container Size: 8oz
Package: Bag
Package Size: 16oz
Coffee Type
Blend: Yes
100% Arabica: Yes
Coffee Origin
Country of Origin: Kenya
Region, farm, Co-op, or Estate: Miricho Estate
Where Roasted: USA
Country Imported From: USA
Social & Environmental
Direct Trade: Yes

J Martinez & Company Fine Coffees

Posted By: Tracys
Oct 20, 2010 10:47AM
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