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Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT

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Raising the bar for home espresso machines, Jura looks to impress with the elegant and powerful Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT. A true feat of Swiss espresso engineering, the Z9’s main feature is its full color TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) display, which makes it easier than ever to make all of your favorite drinks, like lattes and macchiatos at the push of a button. The display can be arranged with 6 of 11 pre-loaded, one-touch drink options for your convenience. The Z9’s powerful dual thermoblock boilers ensure that there’s no delay between brewing and steaming and dispense your beverages at the ideal temperature.
Featuring design elements from other recent Jura models, the Z9 also incorporates the same Aroma+ grinder that made its debut in the Jura Impressa F7. Aroma+ is designed for faster, quieter grinding, thanks to the unique angle of its grind chamber. Other features shared with past Jura machines include: automatic rinsing and maintenance functions; height-adjustable and illuminated brew spouts; multiple strength, temperature, and volume settings; and most importantly, one-touch specialty milk drinks. 


Full Color TFT Display

The Z9's crowning feature, the full-color TFT display is representative of Jura's commitment to utilizing modern technology and design aesthetics to raise the standards of consumer electronics. The display can be loaded with 6 of the Z9's 11 drink specialties and makes navigating and selecting the machines features and menus quick and intuitive.

Dual Thermoblock Boilers

For optimal beverage quality, the Z9 was built with two thermoblock boilers to ensure temperature stability while brewing. One boiler is dedicated strictly to brewing coffee, while the other is used for hot water, steaming, and frothing. This, of course, means that there is no wait time between brewing and steaming.

Grinder, Bean Hopper and Bypass Doser

The Z9 utilizes Jura's revolutionary Aroma+ grinder, which features a specialized grinding chamber designed to reduce noise and cut down on grind times. The bean hopper has a 9.8 oz capacity and the dreg box can hold up to 20 spent pucks. Additionally, the machine also features a bypass doser, allowing you to brew with pre-ground coffee.

Automatic Rinsing and Energy Settings

Maintenance and energy management are made easy with the Z9's automatic rinse cycles and standby mode. The machine rinses its spouts after each drink is brewed to prevent the buildup of coffee oils and milk residue. Additionally, the Impressa Z9 will automatically transition into a low energy standby mode after an extended period of inactivity, however, the machine can also be programmed to shut off completely after a specified duration has passed.

Brewing Features

The Impressa Z9 brews using a powerful thermoblock boiler and high performance 15-bar pump. Make all of your favorite drinks, including espresso, ristretto, caffe crema, and cappuccinos at the push of a button. All drinks feature variable dosing options between 5 and 16 grams of coffee and are brewed with Jura's Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S) for maximum flavor and aroma. Lastly, coffee strength and temperature can be programmed ahead of time, allowing you to craft drinks to your exact specifications, time and time again.

Brewing Features

Steaming and Frothing

Utilizing an innovative automatic cappuccino system, the Impressa Z9 can produce both steamed milk for drinks, like lattes or rich hot chocolate, as well as delicate milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. The Z9's frothing system is integrated into the brewing spouts and is height adjustable between 4.4" and 6.0". The frothing system is compatible with Jura's Cool Control Milk Container and Stainless Steel Thermal Milk Container.

Water Features

The frothing spout can dispense hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and Americanos and can be set to one of three temperatures.


Misc Data
Manufacturer: Jura-Capresso
Model: Z9
Dimension - Width (Inches): 12.2
Dimension - Height (Inches): 14.6
Dimension - Depth (Inches): 17.7
Weight (lbs): 30.4
Watts: 1340
Volts: 115
Housing Materials: Aluminum/Plastic
Bean Hopper Material: Plastic
Drip Tray Material: Plastic
Drip Tray Cover Material: Metal
Removable Hopper: No
Ground Coffee Container Material: Plastic
Drain Line Adaptable: No
Spent Coffee Capacity (Dregs Drawer): 20
Easy To Rotate: No
Power Cord Storage: No
Tall Legs: No
Power Cord Length (Inches): 43
Cup Height
Adjustable Height: Yes
High (Inches): 4
Low (Inches): 2.9
One Touch cappuccino
One Touch Cappuccino: Yes
Adjustable Froth Quality: Yes
Height (Inches): 4.5 to 6
Separate Manual Steam Wand: No
Milk Carafe Type: Stainless Steel- Thermal
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Frothing Wand
Steam Wand Style: Automatic Frothing
Water Source
Water Filter Type: Clearyl
Removes Chlorine: Yes
Reservoir Capacity (Oz): 93.7
Removes Sediments: Yes
Reservoir Material: Plastic
Reservoir Access: Top
Reservoir Removable: Yes
Water Filter: Clearyl Blue
Adjustable Coffee Strength: Yes
Number Of Grind Settings: 7
Type Of Controls: Push Button/ Dial
Display Type: TFT
Programmable Brewing: Yes
Brewing Light: Yes
Temperature Control: Yes
Adjustable Coffee Dosage: Yes
Digital Display: Yes
Clock / Timer: Yes
Coffee Dosage Quantity: 5 to 15
Cup Volume Control: Yes
Programmable Power Off: Yes
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Bypass Doser: Yes
Pre-Infusion: Yes
Low Water Warning: Yes
Energy Savings: Yes
Decalcification Warning Indicator: Yes
Multiple Programmability: Yes
Brew Temperature Display: No
Cup Warmer
Material: Stainless Steel
Passive / Active: Active
Brew Group
Material: Plastic
Preheat: Yes
Removable: No
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers: 2
Brew And Steam Simultaneously: No
Rapid Steam: Yes
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Type: Thermoblock
Brew Boiler Watts: 1300
Brew Boiler Material: Stainless Steel Lined Aluminum
Brew Boiler Heater Location: External
Insulated: No
Steam Boiler Data
Insulated: No
Steam Boiler Type: Thermoblock
Steam Boiler Watts: 1300
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz): Low
Steam Boiler Material: Stainless Steel Lined Aluminum
Steam Boiler Heater Location: External
Pump Data
Pump Type: Vibration
Maximum Pressure (Bar): 15
Self Priming Pump: Yes
Grinder Data
Number Of Grind Settings: 7
Hopper Capacity (Oz): 9.8
Burr Type: Conical
Burr Material: Stainless Steel
Freshness Lid: Yes
Initial Heat Up (Seconds): 50
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds): 50
Brew Temp (F) (2 Oz Shot In Paper Cup): 168
Brew Time for 2 Oz: 18
Brew Temp (F) (8 Oz Shot In Paper Cup): 170
Time To Produce Steam (Seconds): 13
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F): 171
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds): 41
Maintenance Alerts: Yes
Descaler Used: Durgol
Warranty (Years): 2
Country Of Manufacture: Switzerland
NSF Certified: No
Recommended Applications: Home
Service provided
Repairs By: Jura-Capresso
Contact Number: 1-201-767-3999


jim asked:

The espresso bean i use needs a brew temp of 201 for maximum falvor. Does this machine reach that temp? there is temps in the specs.

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:

Hi Jim,

That is a very good coffee, I have had that one a few times.  You do compromise a lot with a super automatic.  You just get so much control over the shot with a semi automatic.  An example is an espresso I like to brew.  I like the Lavazza Top Class.  Now if I brewed it the traditional way, I am not a fan at all.  With some help experimenting with a co-worker.  We drastically changed how we brewed it.  We ground the coffee very fine and with a good solid tamp.  We were pulling 1.50oz in 28 seconds.  It literally dribbled out of the portafilter at start, then a very fine stream.  Now you would think this would be bitter.  It was the furthest thing from it.  Sweet and beautiful tasting profile.  It is amazing the difference in the tasting profile that a change in total volume and timing can make it the tasting profile.  I have talked to Klatch a few times, besides temp on there coffee I know they do have a "profile" for shot timing and length and grams for each coffee.   To get the experience from the coffee they want you to taste.   Now I have a super auto at home, because it is easy,  Mainly it is used for cafe crema and cappucccino in the morning.  I also have an Expobar Brewtus which is all I use at night and on the weekends.

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:

Hello Jim,

This is a hard question to anwser, since this machine use thermoblocks to heat they are not going to be as temperture stable as a semi-matic.  You could see a range of 197 to 202 on the brewing of these machines.  If not a larger span then that.  From the sounds of it, you are using a great coffee and are looking to get into espresso fever.  I would actually more point you towards a prosumer, such as the profitech 700.  With dual boilers and a PID that allows you to set your brew temp.  If you would like to talk more about this, feel free to call me at 1-888-411-5282 ext5198




Answer by jim:

Thanks.. I want ease of use as well, do I compromise too much buyung super automatics? The bean is from Klatch Roasting- Belle -94 point rating

Answer by jim:

Thanks! I am looking at the expobar brewtus as well as a backup incase I am not satisfied with the Super Automatic. Its the mess, cleanup and time that keep me from buying. I had an Expo before but it got damaged in moving and I have been taking my time about replacing it. I ordered the Z7 Jura yesterday. I will test and see if it meets my standards. I have a feeling I am compromising too much for convenience versus quality.. I appreciate your help. 

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:

Hi Jim,


Your very welcome!  If this happens not to work.  Please give me a call 1-888-411-5282 ext 5198.  I would be more then happy to go over machines with you as I pride myself on knowing the small differences that make the machine.  Have a great day!


Best regards,



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