Modern Knock Box Bar

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This bar is designed to replace the removable knock bar from the Modern Knock Box. Although the bar is rubber-coated to reduce damage, after lots of use, natural wear and tear is bound to occur. This bar is easy to install by just loosening the rubber gaskets on either end and sliding it down into place.

Available for both standard and extra large Modern Knock Boxes.

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Janet asked:
posted on Mar 29, 2014 11:51AM

replacement rings for modern knock box

Is it possible to just buy the little rubber rings instead of the whole bar?  The main rubber coating on  the bar is still fine, it is just the little rings that have worn through. I do have a back up replacement bar - hate to install it when I don't need the whole thing yet.  Thanks!  Jan Murry

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Maggie aswered:
Jan, thank you for your post.  We unfortunately do not carry the rings separately, just the bar itself.  

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