Plastic 2 Way Pin for Pressurized Filter Basket

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JTrenkle asked:
posted on Jun 16, 2014 11:42AM

Gaggia 2-way pin for pressurized filter

Is this the same thing as the gadget called a 'frothing jet device' in the Gaggia Classic Operating Instructions?

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John Seymour aswered:
The little black pin on this page is what you are looking for:
John Seymour aswered:
Sorry misunderstood your question. Yes it is the same thing.
Sanfam aswered:
John is correct!  Same product, different names.  The Two-way Pin has a bunch of names, all of which mean "breaks down the laserbeam of coffee fired out of the pressurized filter basket."
JTrenkle aswered:
Thanks everyone for the answers.  I just ordered a couple of spares since the one I have keeps wanting to jump down the garbage disposal.

Guy asked:
posted on Jan 18, 2013 06:59PM

Question by Guy E.

what is this for or what does it do?

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Tracys aswered:
The 2 way pin is for the pressurized Gaggia filter baskets. If you do not have a grinder and want to produce good creme this can help. Simply place in the portifilter handle and then add the filter basket. Here is a video that shows how it works:...

katie asked:
posted on Dec 25, 2012 05:46PM

Question by katie c.

Does this fit the classic gaggia model number 14101? I want to make sure before we purchase it as ours was thrown away by accident...

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Kristen aswered:
Katie, yes, the Black 2 Way Pin (Black Insert PR Basket) does fit in the Gaggia porta filters with the pressurized baskets.

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