Portafilter with dual plastic spouts

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anabella asked:

The plastic spouts of my Gaggia Color broke and since I couldn' t buy just that part, I bought the whole portafilter. The problem is, it's not working properly: the water seems to be coming out of the filter with too much pressure into the left spout and it spills all over (the other side works fine). I have tried not to press the coffee, to unloose a little the screw of the plastic spouts, nothing improves the dripping. Unfortunately I didn' t keep the old Portafilter so I can' t check if it's just the spouts that defective, or if anything else is the problem. Any idea of what could be the problem? Thanks

Answer by techkathy:

Do you have the frothing jet device under the filter basket? It is a small black pin that prevents the coffee from spraying out of the coffee spouts.

Answer by 4UMPA:


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