Pressurized double filter + pin (Perfect crema filter kit)

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Ryan asked:
posted on Apr 17, 2014 02:36PM

Work in an ECM/Rocket Espresso portafilter?

Does this pressurized filter kit work in an ECM Giotto / Rocket Espresso portafilter?  I realize that Gaggia and ECM are 58mm portafilters, but will this double wall basket bottom out or will other variances in basket diameter or design prevent the basket from properly seating against the head...

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Maggie aswered:
Thank you for your post.  It should, but using a pressurized basket does eliminate a lot of the control that you have over the shots with the ECM or Rocket Espresso machines.  

hotglueman asked:
posted on Apr 13, 2014 11:13AM

Crema woes

Well answer this then,,, I also have a Gaggia Evolution that also does not give a single dot of crema and was thinking of shelling out $32Au + shipping for one. Using the exact same coffee ground in the exact same grinder I can get far better results in 2 other coffee machines (Breville &...

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ShaneAncefsky-Sales aswered:
Hello, The Gaggia does come with the double walled baskets, when purchased new.  Are you using your own grinder?  What kind?

Cheryl asked:
posted on Sep 10, 2013 02:32PM

Question by Cheryl P.

I have the classic gaggia and have lost the frothing jet device. When I search your website for this item, it does not appear. How do I order this part? Thank you. Cheryl

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techkathy aswered:
Cheryl - Click on the link below:

Riley asked:
posted on Dec 26, 2012 07:37AM

Question by Riley J.

Hi i have just bought some paper filter pods (ESE) for my Gaggia Classic. I have 2 baskets that came with the machine (1 shot and 2 shot). Which basket would you recommend to use with ESE pods.. Trying to work out if I need the pressurized version with the rubber plug (1 hole) or the pod...

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Kristen aswered:
Riley, you would need to use the pod filter basket with your ESE pods. If you don't already have one, you can find one here:

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